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How much does a puppy cost?

Saarrah Mussa
Written by  Saarrah Mussa
Alicia Hempsted
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Updated: 23 Apr 2024

What is the average cost of a puppy? 

The journey to acquiring a new pet always starts with acquiring your pup and sometimes this can be very costly.

How much your puppy will cost you will depend on many factors including the breed of your dog, where you are getting your dog from, and its heritage.

Breeds like Labradors and Bulldogs are usually in high demand so they often carry a higher price tag as well. Rare breeds as well as pedigree dogs can easily cost you thousands. If you are buying your pup from a reputable breeder, this also usually increases the price of your pup.  


How much does it cost to feed a puppy?   

The price of feeding your furry friend can vary greatly ranging from £15 a month to £80 per month and can go even higher for specialised diets.  

How much you spend on food for your pup will depend on the type of pup you want to get. Food expenses will vary depending on the size of your dog, their energy levels, as well as the quality and type of food you want to buy your dog.  

Some breeds need special foods that are specially made for or are made to provide for specific dietary requirements which could be a lot more expensive. Premium ingredients and specialised formulas come at a higher price tag.  

Where you shop matters, if you're buying food from a veterinary practice, you can expect to pay more than you would at a supermarket.  

Don’t forget to include treats in your monthly budget! It’s easy to underestimate how much these delicious extra’s add to your monthly pet expenses.  

What are the veterinary costs for a puppy? 

In the beginning, you will need to expect to pay for a few necessary veterinary costs for your puppy including, microchipping and vaccinations. These are treatments that will not be covered by your pet insurance.  


The costs of vaccination can vary depending on your location and the breed of your dog but you can expect to pay around £40-£70 for your puppy’s first round.  

Annual boosters can cost around £50-60 and can be done with flea and worming treatments.  

Vet visits 

Vet bills for any injuries or illnesses can rack up quite quickly and can be very expensive, but that is where your pet insurance will come in. Choosing the right type of pet insurance policy for you will enable you to cover big medical expenses and ensure that you are covered when the unexpected happens.  


Microchipping dogs has been a legal requirement in the UK since 2016. You should microchip your puppy by the age of eight weeks.  


Neutering your dog is a very common procedure among dogs, and is usually done between the ages of 6 months and 2 years old. This is a procedure that has many benefits however, it is not covered by your pet insurance.  

How much does puppy training cost? 

Puppy training isn’t something every dog owner opts for. Dog training can become quite expensive especially if your pup has specific behavioural issues you would like to target.  

As with many other things, location, location, location. How much your sessions will cost you will depend on where you live. You can find single puppy training sessions starting from £25 per session and can range all the way to £80 and up per single-hour session. With training schools, usually, the more sessions you buy, you can get a larger discount per session.  

How do breed and size affect the cost of a puppy? 

Some breeds are more expensive than others, this includes more expensive to feed, insure and to treat when anything goes wrong.  

What are the costs of pet insurance for a puppy? 

You can protect your dog with MoneySuperMarket for £9.74 a month1. The cost of your pet insurance will depend on what policy you opt for. You can choose between 4 different types of cover, these options include:  

Lifetime cover: This is the most comprehensive policy and will cover any illnesses or conditions your pet develops while you are insured, as long as you keep up with your premiums.  

Maximum benefit: Covers your dog for each injury or illness up to a specified pre-set limit. There is no time limit on how long you can claim for with a maximum benefit policy. 

Time-limited: This policy covers your pet for injuries and illnesses for a set time period. This is a great option for short-term illnesses and injuries.  

Accident only: The least comprehensive policy available, this policy will only cover you for injuries that are derived from an accident.  

151% of our customers were quoted £9.74 per month in April 2024 for dog insurance based on the monthly cost when paying for the policy in one annual payment.  

What costs will pet insurance cover? 

Your pet insurance policy will usually include the following: 

  • Consultations with your vet  

  • Examinations including X-rays  

  • Medication  

  • Surgery  

  • Dental treatment – resulting from an accident  

What isn’t usually covered: 

  • Vaccinations 

  • Routine visits  

  • Spraying or neutering 

  • Worming and flea treatments 

  • Preventative treatments 

  • Microchipping  

  • Grooming  

  • Elective/cosmetic treatments  

It is important to read your policy to be aware of what is and isn’t covered for you and your pup. While these are all things are that usually covered and not covered, it will vary based on your particular policy and what type of cover you choose.  

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