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Owning a scooter has a number of benefits. Nippy and relatively cheap to run, these bikes are also kinder to the environment than larger vehicles due to their reduced C02 emissions.

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However, finding a dedicated scooter insurance policy can be tricky. The good news is that MoneySupermarket is on hand to help, by comparing deals available through some of the leading scooter insurance providers.

Is scooter insurance mandatory?

Quite simply – yes. You will have to arrange for scooter insurance or face serious consequences. This is due to the recently introduced Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) regulations, which state that any vehicle which has not been declared off the road by the DVLA must be covered by a relevant policy.

These regulations were put in place in a bid to combat the large number of uninsured vehicles out on the roads. The UK has one of the worst records for this. Market research group Consumer Intelligence estimates this costs the UK insurance industry close to £2billion each year. Clearly, the shortfall is then recovered from law-abiding motorists in the form of higher basic premiums.

Failure to either insure your vehicle or declare it off the road by obtaining a SORN could result not only in a fine, but you may also be subject to a court prosecution and your vehicle could be seized and disposed of.

The good news, however, is that scooter insurance premiums tend to be cheaper than other forms of motor insurance because repairs are cheaper, and fewer claims are made by owners of the bikes.

Levels of scooter insurance

You will need to decide what level of scooter insurance cover you require. This will affect the price you pay but keep in mind that cheapest isn’t always best and could result in you paying more in the long run.

Third party scooter insurance is the most basic level available and the minimum required by law. If you were to be involved in an accident, this would ensure the costs of the third party were met but would not cover any of your own costs. So if you bike were to be severely damaged, it would be up to you to find the money to repair it.

Third party fire and theft scooter insurance gives you the same level of protection as above but with additional protection for various circumstances. As the name suggests, if your bike were to be stolen or involved in a fire, you would be financially protected.

The most complete and inclusive level of cover that will give you peace of mind in all eventualities is fully comprehensive scooter insurance. As well as the above it will pay out for any damages you or your scooter suffers resulting from an accident. This is often the most expensive form of insurance but this is because it offers complete protection.

How to get a cheap scooter insurance quote

Given that scooter insurance is mandatory, it is important that you make sure you are not paying over the odds. You need to make sure that you are getting the best deal available that will give you the protection you need without costing you a fortune.

MoneySupermarket helps you to compare scooter insurance quotes from leading providers. You will be able to get quotes and compare deals to find the best one for you. And if you ride a moped, you can also compare moped insurance quotes on MoneySupermarket.
In addition to shopping around, there are other ways you can get cheap scooter insurance quotes:

Increase your excess: Increasing the amount of voluntary excess you pay could bring down the cost of your monthly premium. Just make sure you would be able to afford the excess if it came to it. 

Decrease your mileage: The less you are out on the road, the less risk there is. Therefore, by doing fewer miles over the year, you may receive lower costs.

Secure your bike: Insurers will look more kindly on those who make every effort to secure their bike from theft by using alarms, immobilisers and anchors.

Ride safely: Clearly it is important to ride safely, not just for your own sake but for other road users too. However, having convictions also affects the cost of your premium, so ensure you always take care when out on the road. 

For further ways to save money on your scooter insurance, visit MoneySupermarket’s bike insurance money saving tips page.


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