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Nippy and relatively cheap to run, scooters are a great way of getting around. But do you need insurance for your scooter? And what type of licence do you need? Find out here.

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Do you have to get insurance for a scooter?

Simply put – yes. It’s illegal to ride a scooter without insurance. You need to make sure you’re covered before you take to the road.

Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE) regulations state that any vehicle which has not been declared off the road by the DVLA must be covered by a relevant policy. Failure to either insure your vehicle or declare it off the road by obtaining a SORN could result not only in a fine, you may also be subject to a court prosecution and your vehicle could be seized and disposed of.

What is the difference between a moped and a scooter?

The main difference between a moped and a scooter is the engine size.

A moped has an engine size of 50cc or less and a top speed of around 28mph. Mopeds also tend to have smaller wheels and are often operated by a ‘twist & go’ or automatic model. Mopeds are often cheaper to purchase than scooters.

Scooters do not have a set engine size, but generally fall between 50cc and 150cc. Due to their typically bigger engines, scooters have a larger capacity and potential for speed and power.

What type of licence is needed to ride a scooter?

You must have a provisional driving licence, be aged at least 17 and have passed your Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) in order to ride a scooter. Once you have passed your CBT, you have two years to complete your motorcycle theory test and pass your practical motorcycle driving test, otherwise you will need to re-take the CBT and begin again.

Levels of scooter insurance

The level of scooter insurance you get will affect the price you pay, but the cheapest cover might not always be the best.

Third party scooter insurance is the most basic level available and the minimum required by law. If you were involved in an accident, it would ensure the costs of the third party were met but would not cover any of your own costs. So if your bike was damaged in an accident, it would be up to you to find the money to repair it.

Third party fire and theft scooter insurance gives you the same level of protection as above but with additional protection for various circumstances. As the name suggests, if your bike were to be stolen or involved in a fire, you would be financially protected.

The most complete and inclusive level of cover that will give you peace of mind in all eventualities is fully comprehensive scooter insurance. As well as covering the above, it will pay out for any damages you or your scooter suffers as a result of an accident. The complete protection offered means this is generally the most expensive form of scooter insurance.

How much is scooter insurance?

The good news is that scooter insurance premiums tend to be cheaper than other forms of motor insurance because, among other things, repairs are generally cheaper. Other factors such as mileage and engine size contribute to the overall price of scooter insurance.

How to get cheap scooter insurance

As with many types of vehicle insurance, it’s important to make sure you’re not paying over the odds. Getting the protection you need doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune.

MoneySuperMarket allows you to compare scooter insurance quotes from leading providers and find the best one for you. If you ride a moped, you can also compare moped insurance quotes.

As well as shopping around, there are other ways to help get cheaper scooter insurance:

Increase your excess: Increasing the amount of voluntary excess you pay could bring down the cost of your monthly premium. Just make sure you would be able to afford the excess if it came to it.

Decrease your mileage: The less you are out on the road, the less risk there is. Therefore, by doing fewer miles over the year, you may save money.

Secure your bike: Insurers will look more kindly on those who make every effort to secure their bike from theft by using alarms, immobilisers and anchors.

For further ways to save money on your scooter insurance, visit MoneySupermarket’s bike insurance money saving tips page.

Safety tips for riding a scooter

Clearly it is important to ride safely, not just for your own sake but for other road users too. Having convictions can also affect the cost of your premium so it’s important to take care when out on the road. Following these tips should increase your safety:

Always be alert and observant. Scooter riders are more vulnerable road users as they don’t have the level of protection offered by a car. It’s paramount to be aware of other road users’ movements and be prepared for the unexpected.

Make yourself seen. Be aware that you might be more difficult to spot. Always make yourself as visible as possible and operate under the idea you may not have been noticed.

Take extra care in bad weather. Especially in cases of rain, ice and fog. Not only will these affect road conditions, but also visibility.

Remember shoulder checks. Always check over your shoulder before making a manoeuvre.

Watch your speed. Ride at a speed appropriate for the conditions, which allows you to slow down in time when required.

Wear protective clothing. Always wear a helmet and suitable protective clothing, including gloves.

Keep up with maintenance. Keep your scooter maintained to make sure it is safe, legal and roadworthy.

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