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Short-term bike insurance

What is short-term motorbike insurance?

Jake Edmonds
Written by  Jake Edmonds
5 min read
Updated: 27 Feb 2024

Short-term motorcycle insurance is useful if you only need cover for a short while. Here’s what to look for when you compare quotes.

Motorcycle enthusiasts often find themselves in situations where their beloved two-wheeled companion needs insurance coverage for just a short stint.

Whether it's for a test ride, a temporary replacement, or a holiday adventure, short-term motorcycle insurance emerges as a flexible and cost-effective solution.

What is short-term motorcycle insurance?

Short-term motorcycle insurance is the go-to coverage for riders seeking protection for a brief period. Unlike annual policies that cover you for a full year, short-term options can be tailored to your specific needs, ranging from a single day to an entire month.

This type of insurance is perfect for those who don't require long-term coverage but still want to ensure they're protected when it counts.

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Why opt for short-term coverage?

There are several scenarios where short-term motorcycle insurance is not just beneficial but necessary:

  • Test-riding a new motorcycle: Before you commit to a new bike, you might want to take it for a spin. Short-term insurance ensures you're covered during this trial

  • Borrowing a bike: If you're borrowing a friend's motorcycle, you'll need insurance to ride legally and with peace of mind

  • Courtesy bikes during repairs: When your regular ride is in the shop, a courtesy bike keeps you on the move, and short-term insurance keeps you covered

  • Riding on holiday: Taking a motorcycle trip? Ensure your holiday remains carefree with temporary insurance

  • Temporary use of a SORN motorcycle: If your motorcycle has a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN), but you need to use it for a short while, short-term insurance is the answer

How does it work?

Short-term motorcycle insurance functions similarly to standard insurance, with the primary difference being the flexible coverage duration. You can typically extend the policy if your short-term needs unexpectedly stretch out.

However, it's important to note that MoneySuperMarket does not compare these insurance types, so you'll need to consult specialist providers for the best options.

Choosing the right type of short-term insurance

When selecting short-term motorcycle insurance, you have several types to consider:

  • Third-party insurance is the bare minimum, covering damages to others but not your own bike

  • Third-party, fire, and theft insurance adds protection for your motorcycle against theft or fire

  • Fully comprehensive insurance offers the most extensive coverage, including damages to your bike in accidents, regardless of fault

Cost considerations

The cost of short-term motorcycle insurance can vary based on several factors:

  • Your Age: Younger riders often face higher premiums

  • Your Driving History: A spotty record can lead to increased costs

  • Type of Cover: Opting for third-party-only cover might be pricier due to its popularity with high-risk drivers

Short-term policies generally last anywhere from one day motorbike insurance up to a month. If there’s a specific length of time you need cover for, you can always ask if your insurer can offer a bespoke policy term.

Multi-bike insurance options

Can you ride another bike on your short-term motorcycle insurance? This depends on your insurer, as each provider has their own set of terms and conditions.

Some insurance providers will allow you to take out multi-bike insurance, meaning that you can ride multiple motorbikes and always be covered in the event of an accident or unwanted mishap.

Protecting your no claims bonus

If you're hit by an uninsured driver while riding, you could be at risk of losing your no claims bonus, which offers a discount for each year you don't make a claim.

Some insurers offer a no claims bonus promise, safeguarding your discount even in the unfortunate event of an encounter with an uninsured driver.

Standard motorbike insurance alternatives

While MoneySuperMarket does not compare short-term motorbike insurance, it's essential to weigh your options for standard policies.

Comparing quotes can help you find the right balance between cost and coverage, ensuring you select the policy that best suits your long-term riding needs.

Riding a motorcycle comes with a sense of freedom, but it's important to remember that the road is unpredictable.

Short-term motorcycle insurance offers a flexible and tailored way to protect yourself and your bike, no matter how brief your journey.

Whether you're borrowing a bike for a weekend or test-riding a potential new purchase, make sure you're covered. After all, peace of mind is the best companion for any ride.

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