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Our mortgage calculators

Whether you’re saving for your first home, budgeting for your next, or looking to save some money on your existing mortgage, our calculators are here to help.

  • car with balloons

    How much can I borrow?

    Find out how much you might be able
    to borrow based on your income.

  • House illustration

    Repayment calculator

    Find out how much your mortgage
    payments are likely to be.

  • House in a picture frame

    Stamp duty calculator

    Find out how much you could save on
    stamp duty after the latest changes.

  • stopwatch

    Overpayment calculator

    Find out how much you might save by
    making overpayments on your mortgage.

  • search icon

    Base rate calculator

    Find out how changes to the Bank of England base rate might affect your mortgage repayments.