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Mobile phone guides

Find out everything you need to know about finding a phone plan in our mobile guides.

  • How to fix a water damaged phone

    What do you do if you’ve just dropped your phone in water? Read on and we’ll give you top tips on how to get water out of your phone… More »

  • What is an eSIM?

    What are the advantages of eSIMs? Which phones support eSIM technology? And are they future of SIM cards? Read on and we'll answer all your questions. More »

  • 5G networks

    Best 5G networks and coverage in November 2022

    5G is now the future of mobile networks. Compared to 3G and 4G, it offers much faster speeds and a better all-round performance. Read on to find out where… More »

  • apple logo

    iPhone 13: five things you need to know

    The iPhone 13 is a substantial improvement on iPhone 12 . Get up to speed with everything it's got to offer with our bite-size round-up of its key features. More »

  • How to transfer your mobile phone number

    Ready to up sticks and join a new network? Keen to take your existing phone number with you? Read on as we guide you through the process of porting… More »

  • How to contact your mobile network: phone numbers, opening hours and more

    Got a problem with your phone coverage? Or a fault with a phone? Maybe you need to get in touch to report a billing problem? The good news we’ve… More »

  • People leaning on wall looking at phones

    Upcoming mobile phones in 2020

    Find out what the big smartphone manufacturers have planned for next year with our guide to upcoming mobile phones in 2020 More »

  • Text-to-switch mobile phone tariffs

    Text-to-switch helps mobile phone customers switch to a new tariff quicker and easier than before More »

  • How to unlock a mobile phone

    Can you unlock your phone yourself and is it even legal? We've been taking a look... More »

Mobile Phone Guides

Our guides are easy to follow and offer pros and cons of various phone-related issues. Everything from the ins and outs of mobile phone contracts, to the ins and outs mobile phones themselves.

You won’t be lost on this page and thanks to our guides, you shouldn’t ever be lost on phones queries again.

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