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How to fix a water damaged phone

What do you do if you’ve just dropped your phone in water? Read on and we’ll give you top tips on how to get water out of your phone and what to do if the worst happens

What to do if you've just dropped your phone in water

It can happen to the best of us. Getting a smartphone wet can cause no end of stress, as we battle to ensure it keeps working and we don’t have to resort to buying a new device altogether.

So, what do you do if you’ve just dropped your phone in water? Read on and we’ll give you top tips on how to get water out of your phone and what to do if the worst happens. First, follow these key steps.

Take your phone out of the water immediately if it’s been submerged

Dry off any excess water as quickly as possible, but be sure to dab rather than rub

● Remove the SIM - most mobile phones’ SIM trays are on the side and can be opened using a safety pin

Take out the battery if you can. Most phones have in built batteries, but if you can take yours out, do so immediately

Turn it off if it’s still working. You don’t want to risk water working its way further into the device and damaging key internal components

Don’t charge it. Water and electricity don’t mix!

Once you’ve completed these steps, it’s time to start working on drying out your water damaged phone.

How to dry out your phone completely

Follow these methods if you’ve got a water damaged phone and chances are you may be able to save it.

Method 1: Use rice to dry out your phone

This is perhaps the most well known method for getting water out of your phone, and for good reason.

Get a freezer bag, put the phone inside (make sure it’s turned off) and put as much rice around it as possible, ideally filling the bag.

Leave it for between 24 and 48 hours. Rice soaks up water, so this is a solid option for saving your device.

After two days, remove your phone and see if it works. Just be aware that rice can easily enter charging ports, so keep an eye out for any rogue grains.

Method 2: Emergency kits

There’s a growing market in emergency kits to help fix water damaged phones. These claim to remove the minerals in water which corrode phone components.

Simply place your powered down phone in the pouch of solution for around seven minutes, remove it and leave it for 24 hours in the provided tray to dry.

Kits cost around a tenner from the likes of Amazon, with some claiming to have a 90% success rate.

Method 3: Silica gel packs

These little gel packs can often be found in boxes of new products, from laptops to toys, and act in much the same way as rice.

You can buy packs of them online from as little as £3. Place your phone in an airtight jar, surround it with the gel packs for up to 48 hours and your phone should be water-free when you turn it on.

Method 4: Air it out

This is very much the last resort, but you can try airing out your water damaged phone if every other method has failed.

Do not use a hair dryer. Instead, get hold of a compressed air canister and trying blowing air into any ports where you fear water may have got in.

Frequently asked questions

My phone still works. Do I still need to worry?

Water can take time to work its way into a water damaged phone, so it’s a good idea to turn it off as soon as possible, even if it’s still working, and go through with the drying out methods outlined above.

How can I tell if my phone is water damaged?

Your phone’s screen may flicker or stop working if it’s water damaged. Ports may also become unusable, with your phone unable to charge or connect to wired headphones, while its speaker may stop working completely.

How do I get water out of my phone speaker?

Some apps and websites claim to be able to play a tone that can help blast water out of your damaged speakers. That’s a neat idea, but you’re better off using rice or silica gel to dry it out instead.

How do I get water out of the charging port?

As above, try and dab out any excess water before putting your phone in rice or silica gel, or using a rescue pack.

Does drying your phone with rice actually work?

It does. Rice soaks up water, so if you leave it for 48 hours there’s a good chance it’ll work when you power it up.

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