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The iPhone 14 Index: How long you’ll need to work to afford an iPhone 14 around the world

Apple showcase events are some of the most eagerly anticipated dates on the tech calendar, with people around the world watching live for a glimpse at the latest offerings from the tech giant.

Like most years, in 2022 Apple unveiled its latest flagship iPhone handset at its Autumn event, but for many it could be the least affordable yet, with the UK seeing an approximate £150 year-on-year increase in the cost of the base model.

So much does the new iPhone cost, and how affordable is it around the world? Read our iPhone Affordability Index to find out.

When does Apple announce the new iPhone?

Unlike some tech brands, Apple doesn’t usually unveil new products at large tech conferences like CE3. Instead, the multi-billion dollar tech giant hosts its own keynotes and events across the year for the showcase the company’s latest products and services, such as the latest iPhone, Air Pods, Mac Book, or iPad.

These events are typically streamed live across the world to millions via webcast and social media, but in previous years had also drawn crowds and journalists eager to see the latest and annual offerings of Apple products.

When do Apple events take place?

Apple typically holds four showcase events a year, usually one in the Spring, a Summer event and then two in the autumn. However, they have been known to skip or add events from year to year and keep a calendar on the Apple website.

As a rule of thumb, Apple events typically showcase the following tech:

Spring (April) – iPads and the SE version of the latest iPhone

Summer (June/July) – New software and iOS updates

Autumn (September) – The latest iPhone and Apple Watch (usually their biggest event)

Late Autumn (October) – MacBooks and iPads

The biggest announcement from Apple in 2022 was the launch of the iPhone 14 at their September ‘Far Out’ event, which also marked the end of the ‘iPhone mini’ range.

What do we know about the iPhone 14?

Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 at its September 2022 ‘Far Out’ event, promising an enhanced camera, faster GPU and better battery life.

However, some journalists have concluded it is a marginal step up from its predecessor - the iPhone 13 - meaning some could benefit from the reduced cost of competitive iPhone 13 deals without missing out on too much.

How much does the iPhone 14 cost?

As always, the cost of the latest iPhone varies across the 30+ markets the new handset is available in and what spec you’re looking to purchase. In the UK, the iPhone 14 will see an increase of around £150 against its predecessor making it one of the most expensive iPhones yet, with a base price of £849 - £1199, though in the US, prices will remain about the same year on year at $799 - $1099.

Tukey will see the most expensive iPhone 14, with the cost of the 128GB iPhone 14 starting at a whopping £1,474 ($1,700), almost double the cost in the UK and US.

How many hours does it take to buy an iPhone 14?

How affordable the iPhone 14 is will vary based on the country you’re living, with some seeing the most expensive iPhone yet.

To calculate the affordability of the iPhone 14 by MoneySuperMarket compared the cost of the iPhone 14 across a range of countries* to the median annual salary for each one, calculating the number of hours people around the world will need to work to earn enough money to buy an iPhone.

Note - With local taxes varying by State and Province, prices for the United States and Canada are an average of the cost of an iPhone 14 128GB at the highest and lowest rate of tax.

All info below is based on the 128GB base version of the iPhone 14

Least Affordable - Turkey

Based on the iPhone 14 128GB base model, Apple fans living in the Turkey will have to work an average of 765 hours to earn enough money to buy the iPhone 14 - that’s roughly 96 working days (or more than 3 months) before we even account for living costs, in part thanks to inflation within the country.

Most Affordable - Switzerland

With an average annual salary of $79,270, people living in Switzerland would need to work just 4 days (34 hours) to buy the iPhone 14.

While having one of the world’s largest median annual salaries, Switzerland also ranks in the top 10 for countries that pay the least for the iPhone 14.

Map: The number of hours needed to purchase an iPhone 14 around the world

Most Expensive - Turkey

Turkey, also has the most expensive iPhone 14 in the world, costing approximately £1,474 ($1,701) including taxes. That’s almost double (97%) or than the cost in the US.

Least Expensive - Japan

Apple users in Hong Kong will see the least expensive iPhone 14, with the 128GB option starting at $833.

Someone earning the average salary in Japan will earn the equivalent of the cost of an iPhone 14 in 66 hours or 8.3 working days.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14

Early previews are hailing the iPhone 14 as a marginal improvement on its predecessor, the iPhone 13.

That means, while Apple diehards will want the latest and greatest iPhone on the market and take advantage of its improved GPU and camera, for some the launch of the iPhone 14 might give them an opportunity to get a good iPhone 13 deal as price drops hit across retailers.

While some markets, such as the UK saw a significant increase in the price of this year’s iPhone, others, such as the US saw prices remain flat. Based on launch RRP, this is how the iPhone 14 stacks up vs the iPhone 13 on affordability at launch:

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Using the median monthly salary by country (OurWorldInData, Numbeo) we calculated the daily earnings for each country listed based on a typical 8 hour day.

We then divide the cost of the iPhone 14 across available markets by our approximated average hourly pay scale, using prices sourced directly from the Apple website and Nukeni.

Prices are inclusive of taxes. For the U.S and Canada where taxes vary by state/province, we used the average of the highest and lowest rate to find a national average.

Currency conversion using Google. Correct as of 09/09.

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