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Gas & Electricity

Find the right deal and never overpay again

Compare cheap energy prices and suppliers

  • Take control of your bills with Energy Monitor
  • Undercut the new energy price cap
  • Save at least £280* on your energy bills
  • Call 0800 177 7019 to find out more

*51% of customers that applied to switch via MoneySuperMarket could save at least £289.40, March 2020.

Energy Monitor

Energy Monitor

Take control of your energy bills

  • After you’ve compared energy deals, we’ll keep an eye on prices*
  • We’ll let you know when it’s time to switch and save. Again and again
  • Switching is the best way to undercut the price caps
  • Another way we’re helping you save a lot by doing very little
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*Excludes NI, CI & IOM.

Switch & Save

Your switch should be all wrapped up within 21 days.
Your new supplier will handle the admin throughout the process.

It takes 5 minutes

Pop in your postcode & tell us your energy
habits. Use a recent bill for best results.

We’ll search for savings

We’ll show you how much you could save by
. If you switch with us, we’ll tell
your new supplier.

Switch, save & relax

Switching DOESN’T mean your energy gets
cut off, and the same pipes and wires will be

We compare a wide range of suppliers and deals from across the market

We work with over 50 energy suppliers including all of the big brands to help you make savings on your energy bills.

Stay on top of your energy bills

Our handy tips and tools will help make sure you never overpay again

Track your energy switch

What happens when you say ‘yes’ to switching your supplier? We’ll give you all the details

Track your switch

Energy saving centre

All you need to know about how easy it is to switch supplier and save money on your energy bills

Save money on energy

Energy postcode check

We give you the best estimates of how much people are paying for energy in your area – and others

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Gas & electricity

Undercut the energy price cap

Despite the price cap being set to fall again, there are still dozens of deals you can switch to that cost even less. Compare gas and electricity quotes now to see how much you could save. Don’t be one of the estimated 15m households that pay too much for their energy bills.*


Business energy

Cut business energy costs

An easy way to cut your outgoings is to start with the basics. Energy is an essential for most businesses, but it might not need to be a big expense. Comparing prices and getting a good deal on your business energy supplier is a quick win when it comes to saving on business costs.

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*According to Ofgem statistics correct as of September 2019

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Compare energy prices

It only takes a few minutes to compare energy prices, and you could save yourself as much as £280*.

Here's what you need to do to compare energy rates:

  • Go to our energy journey and put in your details, including your postcode and current supplier
  • Compare energy tariffs from a number of providers
  • Choose the deal you want
  • Put in a few confirmation details, like your direct debit and contact details
  • Click to confirm, and you’ll be switched within three weeks

It doesn’t matter whether you own or rent your home – you can still compare energy deals and start saving on your bills.

Did you know? Around 15m UK households are on standard variable or default tariffs**, and if you’re one of them, the chances are that you’re paying too much for your energy bills.

Compare energy prices now

*51% of customers that applied to switch via MoneySuperMarket could save at least £289.40, March 2020.

**According to Ofgem statistics correct as of September 2019

Energy comparison

MoneySuperMarket’s energy comparison service lets you compare and switch deals from over 50 of the UK’s energy providers in as little as 17 days.

Compare gas and electric

It’s possible to compare gas and electric prices with MoneySuperMarket. When you get both types of energy from the same supplier, it’s called a dual fuel tariff – and you can see this option when you run a gas and electricity comparison online.

Some gas and electricity providers will offer a discount if you switch to a dual fuel tariff – if this applies, it will be shown in the tariff details.

Be aware that the best gas and electric deal may not be the cheapest option. It’s always recommended that you check the price of buying your gas and electricity separately, too.

Compare gas only

If you only want to compare gas prices, you can choose this option at the start of the energy comparison process. If you select just gas, you’ll only compare gas prices and you won’t see any electricity tariffs. 

Compare electricity only

If you’re looking to compare electricity providers alone, you can do so by choosing this type of energy when you start your electricity comparison. This will show you a number of energy suppliers that have electricity tariffs without gas or dual fuel deals included.

Compare energy suppliers

When it comes to comparing energy suppliers, the price of the deal is important, but it’s not the only thing you should consider. When you’re looking for the best gas or electricity provider, it’s wise to look at the company’s reputation as well as their prices.

One of the best ways to compare energy providers is to review the range of services they offer, their customer service opening hours, and how they handle billing queries. Reviews from other customers can also help you get a feel for a company.

The cheapest electricity company may be one you’ve never heard of. But, every energy supplier in the UK is regulated by Ofgem, which means that smaller companies have to follow exactly the same rules as the bigger, well-known companies.

This should give you confidence that all the companies you’ll see when you run an energy supplier comparison are regulated, and have to follow exactly the same rules. If a company goes bust, you’ll be covered by Ofgem – they’ll ensure your supply isn’t cut off, and they’ll appoint a new supplier to take over your tariff.

If you see a deal from a company you don’t recognise, you can find out more about them here.

Don’t get caught out by rising energy prices

How to avoid energy price hikes

In January 2019 the government introduced the first of three energy price caps for the year. While this is likely to reduce how much you pay for gas and electricity, future caps may not do the same.

As a result of these price caps, anyone on a standard rate tariff is at risk of seeing a hike in their energy bills. However, a good way to protect yourself from any potential price rises is by switching to a new, fixed rate tariff.

A fixed rate tariff ensures that the cost of your energy will remain the same, however it doesn’t mean your monthly bill will always be the same. The more energy you use the higher your bill will be, but it will go up at the same rate for the duration of your deal.

Switching is the quickest and easiest way to save on energy bills

Switch energy provider to save

You’re most likely to save money by switching energy provider or switching to a new tariff. In fact, you could save £280* on your bills by switching.

It’s quick and it’s easy: comparing energy deals takes minutes and we’ll manage the switch for you. Within three weeks, you’ll be up and running with your new supplier, and there’s no risk of losing gas or electricity supply to your home.

Find out more about switching energy supplier.

*51% of customers that applied to switch via MoneySuperMarket could save at least £289.40, March 2020.

Why you should compare energy prices

Comparing energy prices is an easy way to save money on your bills - you could save £280* by switching to a different provider.

You won't get a cheaper price by going direct to the energy supplier, because industry rules say that companies can’t offer cheaper prices than those you see on our site. You can be confident that you won’t find these deals cheaper anywhere else.

It only takes a few minutes to compare energy prices, and see how much you could save.

*51% of customers that applied to switch via MoneySuperMarket could save at least £289.40, March 2020.

How does switching work?

How to switch energy supplier

Here's what you need to do to switch energy provider:

  • Go to our energy page and put in your details, including your postcode and current supplier
  • Choose a deal from the results table
  • Put in a few confirmation details, like your direct debit and contact details
  • Click to start the switching process
  • You’ll be set up with your new provider within 21 days

Anyone who switches gas or electricity provider will be given a two-week ‘cooling off’ period, during which you can choose to cancel the switch free of charge.

Understand your energy bills

How to understand your energy bill

Cut through the jargon and get help understanding your energy bills. The key things to be aware of are:

  • Your tariff: your bill will show you the name of your tariff
  • Comparison rate: this highlights how much your tariff costs, so you can compare the rate
  • Energy consumption: how much electricity or gas you’ve used in kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • Terms and conditions: this is where you’ll find details such as any notice period, the conditions of your current price plan and everything else

Tips on saving energy

How to save electricity and gas

Our energy saving tips show you how to save electricity and gas in the home. These tips include:

  • Turn off anything left on standby
  • Turn down your heating or install a smart thermostat
  • Buy energy efficient appliances
  • Install a new boiler
  • Wash your clothes at lower temperatures
  • Invest in double glazing
  • Insulate your roof and/or walls

We think it’s important for you to have all the information you need to make your home as energy efficient as possible, so you can save on your household bills.

Here are some organisations that offer advice and support with energy efficiency:

Ofgem Confidence Code

We’re an accredited site under the Ogfem Confidence Code. This is a code of practice that governs how price comparison websites work. Because we’re accredited, we have to follow strict rules about how we do business, to make sure that the process of switching your energy supplier is as easy, reliable and reassuring as possible for you.

Ofgem confidence code certification mark

Latest energy news

Our news articles will keep you up to date with the latest stories in the energy market. We’ll let you know what’s happening, and explain what it means for you.

Read the latest Energy news

How do energy comparison sites work?

MoneySuperMarket is an energy comparison site that helps you to save money by checking if there’s a cheaper gas or electricity tariff available to you.

We’re accredited by the Ofgem Confidence Code, which governs how energy comparison sites work. This means we’re bound to strict rules about how we do business, to make sure that switching energy is easy, reliable and reassuring for you.

Like most energy comparison sites, we’re paid a fee each time someone switches tariffs. Find out more about how MoneySuperMarket works.

Why should I bother switching energy supplier?

Why switch energy providers?

Switching to a new energy tariff is an easy way to save money on your household bills.

Almost 15m UK households on standard variable or default tariffs are paying too much for their gas and electricity*, so there’s a good chance you could save by shopping around and switching to a cheaper deal. It only takes a few minutes to run a comparison, and you could save hundreds of pounds.**

*According to Ofgem statistics correct as of September 2019

**51% of customers that applied to switch via MoneySuperMarket could save at least £248.37, November 2019.

How do I switch energy suppliers?

Switching your energy supplier is more straightforward than you might think. To find a new deal, just go to our energy page and put in a few details about your property and the amount of energy you tend to use. It’s best if you’ve got a recent bill to hand, but don’t worry if you haven’t got one to hand, as we can still estimate.

You’ll then see a list of tariffs, with a savings figure next to each one – this tells you how much you could save by switching to that deal. All you have to do is choose the one you’d like to go for, put in a few more details to confirm, and that’s it.

Read our guide on how to switch to a new energy provider

What happens when I switch?

When you switch to a new energy supplier, they’ll write to you to tell you what date you’ll be switched over. They’ll contact you around the time of the switch to ask for a meter reading, and they’ll pass this on to your old supplier, so that they can send you a final bill.

And that’s it – that’s all you have to do.

You won’t need any new pipes, there won’t be any digging or drilling, and there won’t be any interruption to your gas or electricity supply.

How long will it take to switch?

You’ll be switched over to your new supplier within three weeks.

Most energy companies in the UK are signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee, which guarantees that the supplier you’re switching to will handle the switching process, and that it will be done within 21 days.

I’ve never heard of this company – how do I know they’re above board?

Every single energy supplier in the UK is regulated by Ofgem, the industry regulator. This means that the smaller, lesser-known companies have to follow exactly the same rules as the bigger, more established ones. If a company goes bust, you’ll be covered by Ofgem – they’ll ensure your supply isn’t cut off, and they’ll appoint a new supplier to take over your tariff.

How do I choose the right tariff?

When you’re choosing a new energy deal, think about whether to go for dual fuel (where you get both your gas and electricity from the same company) or separate tariffs (where you get gas from one company, and electricity from another). It’s worth checking both options, as the combined price of separate tariffs can sometimes be less than a dual fuel offer.

Think about whether you’d like to go for a fixed deal or a variable deal. Fixed deals can be a bit more expensive at the beginning, but you’ll know that your bills won’t suddenly jump during the fixed term.

The way you pay your bills can also affect the price – you can often get a discount for paying by direct debit, and for managing your account online, with no paper communications.

Do I need to tell my current supplier?

No. When you’ve chosen a new deal, your new supplier will handle the switching process. They’ll contact you to let you know what date you’ll be transferred over, and they’ll contact you around the switching date to ask for a meter reading. They’ll pass this on to your old supplier so they can send you a final bill. You don’t need to contact your old supplier, as the new supplier will handle everything for you.

Do I need to cancel my Direct Debit?

Yes. When you close your account with your old supplier, they will send you a final bill. Once this payment has gone out of your account, you should cancel your Direct Debit. If your account is in credit, the supplier should send you the balance.

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Why use MoneySuperMarket to switch your energy?

You could save hundreds of pounds by switching your gas and electricity to a cheaper tariff through MoneySuperMarket.

We help you compare prices from all the energy suppliers in the UK, so you can find the cheapest deals in the market.

It only takes a few minutes to find a cheaper energy deal.  All you have to do is answer some simple questions, and we'll show you tariffs and offers from all the energy companies. We’ll also show you how much you could save by switching to each tariff, to help you choose the best one for you.

We can help you switch to tariffs from most companies directly through MoneySuperMarket.  Just click the green button, answer a few more questions, and you’re done.

If you’d prefer to talk to someone, you can call us on 0800 177 7087. We can answer any questions you might have, and even switch you to a new deal over the phone.

Compare energy deals now

How we work

MoneySuperMarket gives you lots of clever ways to save a lot, by doing very little.

  • Take control of your credit score by checking and improving it for free with Credit Monitor
  • Never overpay again with Energy Monitor, our energy monitoring service
  • Over 50 ways to Get Money Calm

So how do we make our money? In a nutshell, when you use us to buy a product, we get a reward from the company you’re buying from.

But you might have other questions. Do we provide access to all the companies operating in a given market? Do we have commercial relationships or ownership ties that might make us feature one company above another?

We commit to providing you with clear and informative answers on all points such as this, so we have gathered the relevant information on this page.


Undercut the price cap. Switch and save online, call 0800 177 7019, or let Energy Monitor tell you when there’s a better deal