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Volkswagen car insurance

Compare car insurance prices for your Volkswagen and find a cheaper deal

Why buy Volkswagen insurance from us?

  • Find affordable cover for your Volkswagen
  • See prices from over 110 insurers
  • It’s fast free and easy

Who is Volkswagen?

Volkswagen, often shortened to VW, is the flagship brand of Volkswagen Group – one of, if not the, biggest car manufacturers in the world. Founded in Germany in 1937, its vehicles are now sold worldwide, and are especially popular in China.

In the UK, popular Volkswagens include the Golf, the Passat, and the Tiguan.

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How much does a Volkswagen cost to insure?

The premium you pay to insure yourself to drive a Volkswagen will depend on a number of factors, including your age, your occupation, and the model you choose to drive.


Insurance providers use 50 different insurance groups to help them price their policies for different makes and models at the right level. So if you choose a powerful Volkswagen that’s in a higher group, you’ll probably pay more for your insurance.


That said, MoneySuperMarket figures suggest it’s the tiny Lupo that is the Volkswagen that costs the most to insure in the UK – probably because it’s a popular model with young drivers whose inexperience pushes their premiums up.

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    Three most popular models2

    1. Golf - £863 /year to insure  
    2. Polo - £788 /year to insure
    3. Passat - £665 /year to insure

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    Three most expensive models2

    1. Polo GTI TSI - £1,755 /year to insure
    2. Golf R Motion TSI - £1,710 /year to insure
    3. Golf GTI 230 - £1,591 /year to insure

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    Three least expensive models2

    1. Polo Match TSI  - £407 /year to insure
    2. UP! - £432 /year to insure
    3. T-Cross - £435 /year to insure

2Based on fully comprehensive car insurance policies with one driver holding a full UK licence. Data collected between September 2020 and March 2021, accurate as of May 2021.


Who drives a Volkswagen?

Among MoneySuperMarket users, the majority of Volkswagen drivers live in London and the North West of England.

Volkswagens are particularly popular with motorists in their 20s. Those aged 20 to 24 make up almost 23% of the drivers who look to insure Volkswagens via MoneySuperMarket, while 25 to 29-year-olds account for more than 15%2.


Average car insurance premiums by age and policy type

2Based on fully comprehensive car insurance policies with one driver holding a full UK licence. Data collected between September 2020 and March 2021, accurate as of May 2021.


What cover do I need for my Volkswagen?

To be covered to drive on UK roads, you’ll need to take out one of three different types of insurance policy:

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    Fully comprehensive

    Fully comprehensive is the most complete cover available, protecting you and your car as well as any third-parties involved in an accident

    £774 on average2

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    Third-party, fire and theft

    Third-party, fire and theft covers the third-party, their vehicle and their property, but only covers your car against theft or fire damage 

    £1,113 on average2

  • 3 icon

    Third-party only

    Third-party only is the legal minimum in the UK, and only covers the third-party, their vehicle and their property - not you or your car

    £1,640 on average2

2Based on car insurance policies with one driver holding a full UK licence. Data collected between September 2020 and March 2021, accurate as of May 2021.

What extra features can I add to my Volkswagen policy?

If you want to be fully protected on the roads, you can add a variety of extra features to your insurance policy. These include:

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    Breakdown cover

    Breakdown cover is designed to cover the cost of roadside assistance if your car break down

  • gavel icon

    Motor legal protection

    Motor legal protection covers legal costs related to a car insurance claim you're involved in

Adding these extras to your car insurance will usually increase the cost, though. So it’s worth considering whether you really need them. If you’re in two minds, you can learn more about the pros and cons with our guide to car insurance policy features.


How can I cut the cost of my Volkswagen insurance?

There are certain measures you can take to try and reduce your car insurance premiums, such as:

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    Build your no-claims discount

    If you can avoid making any claims in a year, you'll start building up a no-claims discount that will earn you lower premiums in the future

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    Volunteer a higher excess payment

    Offering to pay a higher excess shows you won't make frivolous claims - but be sure it's an amount you can pay should you need to claim

  • tick icon

    Avoid extras you don't need

    Insurers offer many extra features you can add to your policy. While these bolster your cover level, they'll also raise your premiums

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    Consider telematics

    Installing black box equipment in your car allows the insurer to monitor your driving - so they can reward good driving habits with lower premiums

Where can I find Volkswagen car insurance?

Finding car insurance for your Volkswagen takes just a few minutes when you compare quotes with MoneySuperMarket. Just answer a few questions about yourself, your car, and the level of cover you want, and we’ll show you a list of deals that match your needs.

Once you have these, you can compare them by the overall annual cost, the cover you’ll get, and the excess you’ll pay towards any claims. Then simply click through to the provider’s page to buy your chosen policy. 


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