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BT vs Sky Broadband

BT vs Sky

BT and Sky are two of the most popular providers in the UK. Both offer fast fibre packages, plus comprehensive call packages and some of the best TV in the country. But which one is worth your money? Let’s take a look…

BT VS Sky: At a glance

Can I get ADSL?Yes. Average speeds of 10MbpsYes. Average speeds 11Mbps
Can I get superfast fibre?Yes. Average speed 36Mbps and 67MbpsYes. Average speeds 59Mbps
Can I get ultrafast fibre?Yes. Average speeds of up to 900MbpsYes. Average speeds 145Mbps
Download limitNo download limitsNo download limits
TVYes. YouView-based BT serviceYes. Premium channels through Sky Q box
Do I have to take a home phone?No. Landline is optional with BTYes.

BT VS Sky: Cost

When it comes to price, there’s not much between BT and Sky. Neither is particularly cheap, especially when compared to ‘value providers’ such as TalkTalk and Plusnet.

However you will get a lot for your buck with BT or Sky. And best of all, they both regularly have time-limited offers and money-saving promotions available to take advantage of.

At the time of writing, BT’s Fibre Essential package costs £27.99 per month. And its 67Mbps Fibre 2 will set you back £31.99 per month.

Conversely, Sky’s Broadband Superfast, boasting 59Mbps average speeds, is £28 per month. And its standard ADSL Broadband Essential package costs £25 per month.

Difference is, the above Sky packages come with an 18-month commitment, whereas BT want you to sign up for 24-months.

So if you don’t want to be tied to a long contract, Sky might be best your option. But it's also worth bearing in mind that prices generally tend to rise when your contract comes to an end.

Use out postcode checker below to see what BT and Sky packages are available in your area:

BT VS Sky: Average broadband speeds

BT's Unlimited Broadband and Sky’s Broadband Essential are entry-level ADSL broadband packages and offer average speeds of 10Mbps and 11Mbps respectively.

So there's not really much to choose between them. 

BT’s superfast fibre optic package boasts average speeds of 36Mbps, and its Fibre 1 and Fibre 2 broadband gives you 50Mbps and 67Mbps respectively.

Conversely, Sky has just one fibre optic package on offer, with 59Mbps average speeds.

So as you can see, BT offers faster average speeds than Sky, and there’s more to choose from.

BT VS Sky: Broadband packages review

Both providers offer truly unlimited broadband, which means you can stream and download to your heart’s content – you’ll never be charged any extra.

With Sky, though, you’ll need to pay for line rental – this is because their packages rely on the basic telephone wire infrastructure to deliver broadband to the home.

BT, however, now offer broadband without a landline, so you only need to pay for a landline if you need one.

In terms of equipment, BT’s Smart Hub router boasts seven antennas as well as dual WiFi bands to ensure a robust connection throughout the home.

Even more impressively, the router will constantly check your internet connection too – if it spots a problem, it’ll reboot itself until the issue is fixed.

Similarly, Sky’s router also boasts dual WiFi bands, and uses Smart Signal Technology to kickstart your WiFi signal when a problem occurs.

BT VS Sky: Phone

As we say, with BT, you can choose to pay for a landline or not. Should you go for one, you can either pay for any calls you make or add on BT calls package.

BT call packages include:

  • Pay as you go – At the time of writing, BT charges 20.90p per minute for calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles.
  • 500 Minutes – Inclusive anytime minutes to UK landlines, UK mobiles and 0845 and 0870 numbers excluding the Channel Islands. 30-day minimum term.
  • 700 Minutes – This includes 700 inclusive anytime minutes to UK landlines, UK mobiles and 0845 and 0870 numbers excluding the Channel Islands. 30-day minimum term.
  • Unlimited Minutes – Unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles excluding the Channel Islands. 150 calls or 1000 minutes a month to 0845 and 0870 numbers. 30-day minimum term.
  • International Freedom – Costs £8.99 per month. Includes calls to 36 international destinations.

Sky’s call packages are a little more comprehensive. They are:

  • Pay As You Talk – 11.5p per minute to UK landlines and UK mobiles.
  • Talk Evening & Weekends Extra – Costs £4 per month and comes with inclusive calls to UK mobiles and landlines. 09, 118 and other 084 & 087 numbers cost 11.5p per minute.
  • Talk Anytime Extra – £8 per month. This includes inclusive calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles. Like Sky Talk Evening & Weekends Extra, 09, 118 and other 084 & 087 numbers cost 11.5p per minute. However, you can pay 2p per minute to call 22 international destinations.
  • Talk International Extra – Costs £12 per month. Includes inclusive calls to 50 popular destinations, plus inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sky takes the win here. Not only does it have one of the largest TV packages around, it also airs some of the best shows, too, as well as showcases the most popular films before anyone else.

At the time of writing, it’s got more than 300 entertainment channels, including Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Comedy Central and more. In addition, Sky Signature gets you Netflix and over 500 box sets on demand.

For sports fans, Sky Sports consists of ten channels showing popular sports such as football, rugby, golf, cricket, darts, boxing and NFL. And Sky Main event channels brings you the most popular live sporting events.

Conversely, BT’s Entertainment package offers loads of Freeview channels, plus Now’s TV streaming service and over 300 box sets. And if the latest movies are your thing, BT’s Big Entertainment bundle gives you the latest movies with a NOW Cinema pass.

BT’s Sport package comes with BT’s four popular sport channels, plus Freeview and AMC. You’ll be able to watch a selection of Premier League matches, as well as other popular sporting events such as The Ashes.

BT VS Sky: Fibre offering

BT offers three widely available packages, with speeds of 36Mbps, 50Mbps and 67Mbps, respectively. On the other hand, Sky has just one fibre offering, with speeds of 59Mbps.

It’s worth mentioning that both providers also offer full fibre packages, though they’re currently only available to a few places in the UK.

Download limits

Both providers offer truly unlimited downloads on all their packages.

So you can download and stream as much content as you want, without worrying about being charged extra.


Go with BT broadband and you’ll get access to over five million WiFi hotspots in the UK to use when you’re out and about.

Similarly, Sky also boasts a wide network of WiFi hotspots for when you’re on the move and need to get on the internet.

Lastly, both offer reliable WiFi guarantees. If you don’t get the speeds you were promised, you’ll get money back.

BT VS Sky: Customer service

According to a recent Ofcom report, 80% of BT and Sky customers were happy with their overall service.

And 55% of BT customers and 59% of customers were happy with the way their complaints were handled. To that end, if good customer service is particularly important to you, both are a safe bet.

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