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Broadband mid-contract price rises April 2024: What to expect

Your broadband bill may be going up this spring – even on a fixed price contract. Our guide goes through what price increases you can expect, and what you can do about it.

Why is my broadband bill going up?

In April each year, most providers increase their prices for current customers in line with inflation. It’s baked into most contracts – so even if you’re in the middle of a fixed price deal, you may still see your bills go up.

Providers use figures from either the CPI (consumer price index) or RPI (retail price index) to calculate their price hikes – which this year were 4% for the CPI and 4.9% for the RPI. Along with providers’ own discretionary increases, we’re looking at bills that may be rising by as much as 8.8%.

Because inflationary price hikes are covered by most broadband contracts, sadly there’s not really much that you can do about it if you’re still in your minimum contract terms.

On the other hand, if you’re out of contract and not happy with the new price, you’re free to switch broadband whenever you like. Compare broadband deals from a range of providers, and find the best plan for you.

Mobile networks are set to increase their mid-contract costs too – find out what to expect in our guide.

How much is each provider raising its prices by?

BT broadband

Broadband, landline, and/or TVRising by 7.9% on 31st March

Landline only and Home Phone Saver – Rising by 4% on 31st March

Home Essentials and Basic – No price rise

EE broadband

Broadband and landlineRising by 7.9% on 31st March

NOW broadband

Not yet confirmed.

Plusnet broadband

Broadband and landlineRising by 7.9% on 31st March

Broadband and landline if you’re still within the minimum terms of a fixed price contract – Call costs rising by 7.9%, but no other price rises

Shell broadband

Broadband and landline if you signed up before 22nd January 2024Rising by 6% on 1st April

Broadband and landline if you signed up on or after 22nd January 2024 – No price rise

Broadband Essentials and Phone Essentials, if you’re within the minimum 12-month term – No price rise

Sky broadband

Broadband and TVRising by 6.7% on 1st April

Broadband Basics – No price rise

Home phone – Pay-as-you-talk rising 8%, from 25p to 27p per minute, on 1st April

TalkTalk broadband

Broadband and landlineRising by 7.7% on 1st April

Broadband with Fixed Price Plus or Pre-Pay Saver, still within the minimum contract terms – No price rise

Broadband with Fixed Price Plus, outside of the minimum contract terms – Rising by 4% on 1st April

Virgin Media broadband

Broadband, landline, and/or TV – Rising by 8.8% on 1st April

Essential Broadband and Talk Protected – No price rise

Vodafone broadband

Broadband – Rising by 7.9% on 1st April

Vodafone Essentials – No price rise

For more information on what to do when your broadband prices increase mid-contract, take a look at our guide.

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