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Baffled by boiler cover jargon? Clue up on the terminology so you know what your policy provides.

Gloves drying on a radiator


A container beneath the furnace, used to catch ash that falls through.

Beyond economical repair

In some cases, it will not be economically viable for the company offering your boiler cover to repair an old boiler. You will therefore be told that your boiler is “beyond economical repair”. You may, however, receive a one-off contribution towards the cost of a new one.

Bleeding the radiator

Opening a valve on a radiator to allow excess air in the system to escape, improving the efficiency with which the system works.


A gas, electricity, oil or solid fuel powered heating device that provides hot water and central heating.

Boiler breakdown cover/Boiler cover

An insurance policy or service contract designed to cover the cost of repairing and maintaining your boiler and/or central heating system.

Boiler-only cover

A boiler policy that only covers your boiler (and its controls) and not other parts of the heating system, such as the radiators.


You will have to arrange for a “call-out” when you need a boiler engineer to visit your home.

Carbon monoxide

Hard-to-detect but potentially lethal gas that can be produced by a faulty boiler.

Carbon monoxide alarm

An alarm fitted to detect the presence of carbon monoxide.


The layer of insulation that can be wrapped around a boiler.

Gas Safe Register

The Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas engineers who are qualified to work safely and legally on gas appliances. It was previously known as CORGI.

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

An independent watchdog that oversees the regulation of financial products such as insurance.


A tube or pipe that is used to convey exhaust gases from a boiler.

Full heating system cover

Boiler cover that covers your central heating system as well as your boiler and its controls.


An oval access door into the boiler shell, used for maintenance and cleaning. 

Payment plan

Your payment plan explains when and how much you must pay for your boiler cover. For example, you might pay an annual premium, or you might choose to pay by monthly instalments.

Renewal notice

Your insurer will send you a “renewal notice” inviting you to renew your policy for the following year.

Safety valve

An automatic valve used to release excess pressure within the boiler.

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