Get Fitter, Save Money and Feel Great!

We all pack on weight over Winter - it's almost impossible not to. With Christmas, the cold weather and the dark nights, comfort food, staying indoors and copious amounts of chocolate are always far more tempting than going out and pounding the streets or hitting the gym. However, here at we want to encourage our visitors to take this opportunity to Get Fit, Feel Epic, and also save some money too!

How Do I Do That?

Well that's the great thing: - even the act of getting fit and healthy can be a great way of saving money! If you're a smoker, consider the fact that cigarettes are now very often £7 (or more!) a pack, and the average price of a pint is around £3 - you can see how quickly the costs rack up!

More importantly than that, your health can also affect your life insurance premiums as well: If you are over or underweight most insurance companies will increase the cost of your cover by up to 50%, and smokers and heavy drinkers will also find their premiums are more expensive too.

A Word From Our Expert...

Emma Walker, protection expert at MoneySupermarket, said: "They say ‘there’s no smoke without fire’ and for addicted Brits the cost of cigarettes no doubt burns a hole in their pocket. Anyone who kicks the habit for good will not only have saved a packet, they’ll have taken a big step to improve their health. The cost smoking adds to the price of a premium for life insurance or critical illness is considerable and should be one reason for anyone to consider quitting.

“In order to be classed as a non-smoker and qualify for life insurance premium savings, insurers insist smokers have packed it up for a full year. Once smokers have given up for 12 months – this includes any tobacco-replacement products they might be on, such as nicotine patches – they should go back to their insurer and ask for non-smoker rates; subject to tests to prove they’ve quit of course.

“Other lifestyle choices such as drinking less alcohol and eating a healthy diet can really work in your favour when being evaluated for life insurance. Looking at the savings that can be made over the long-term can be a real eye-opener. The better your health, the cheaper your premium. It is essential to do your research to get the right cover for you – shop around for the best deals currently available on the market and decide on the most cost-effective deal to best suit your circumstances.”

How much could you save?

Simply tell the above tool how much you drink, smoke and eat in a week, then tell it how much you would like to cut down to. Then hit the button, and you can find out exactly how much money you could save in a year - then tell your friends on Twitter or Facebook!

Key Facts

  • The average smoker spends £1660 a year on cigarettes.
  • In 2010, it was reported that the price of beer had doubled in the preceding 19 years.
  • Fewer people are being insured on standard rates every year - 10 years ago 90% of people were insured on standard rates; this is now down to 80%.