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Compare breakdown cover for your van

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What is van breakdown cover?

Van breakdown cover is a type of insurance that provides assistance and support in the event of a breakdown or mechanical failure of a van.  It typically includes services such as roadside assistance, recovery, and onward transportation to a garage for repairs.  

Van breakdown cover aims to minimise disruptions for van owners and drivers by offering prompt help, whether it's fixing the issue on the spot or arranging transportation for the van and passengers.   

Different levels of cover are available, allowing drivers to choose the level of assistance that suits their needs and budget. 

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Why do I need breakdown cover?

Breakdown cover isn’t a legal requirement but it could prove to be invaluable if you’re stranded on the roadside. Reasons to get van breakdown cover include: 

  • Van breakdown cover provides assistance in case of unexpected breakdowns or mechanical failures 

  • It can provide access to 24/7 emergency helplines and roadside help, saving you time and stress in dealing with breakdown situations 

  • Breakdown cover can save you from costly towing fees or arranging alternative transportation for your van and passengers 

  • It typically offers nationwide coverage, so you're protected no matter where you are in the UK, providing reassurance during long journeys or unfamiliar locations 

  • Finally, breakdown cover gives you peace of mind, knowing that help is just a phone call away 

Should I insure myself or the vehicle?

There are two types of cover to consider when looking for van breakdown cover. Both have advantages, so it depends on your insurance needs.  

  • Personal cover

    This covers a named individual on any van. You can climb into any vehicle knowing that you are protected. Crucially, you’re covered whether you are driving or a passenger – a valuable option for firms with a busy, mobile workforce

  • Vehicle cover

    This is where the van itself is protected, regardless of who is driving it. This allows for considerable flexibility, as drivers can be allocated to vehicles without having to check that they have cover in place under their own name

Types of breakdown cover

As with the car breakdown cover, commercial van breakdown cover offers several levels of protection and service. All breakdown policies offer roadside assistance as standard, but there are other options available, including: 

  • Plus

    Roadside assistance

    If you break down more than a certain distance – typically a quarter of a mile – from your home or work, a recovery vehicle will attempt repairs on the roadside. If that’s not possible, you’ll usually get a tow to the nearest garage 

  • Plus

    National coverage

    This policy will recover your vehicle from anywhere in the UK and return it to your local garage for repair if it can't be fixed at the roadside. This is a good choice if you drive your van long distances for work

  • Plus

    European breakdown cover

    If you have business in Europe – either on a regular basis or as a one-off – you need European van breakdown cover. Some providers may exclude certain countries, so check the policy details before buying

  • Plus

    Home start

    This provides additional cover if your van won't start at your home or work address, or within a defined distance. The distance from your home where this applies varies by provider

  • Plus

    Onward journey cover

    If you break down away from home and rapid repair isn't possible, onward travel cover could (depending on provider), offer a replacement van, overnight accommodation or reasonable onward travel expenses

  • Plus

    Parts and garage cover

    Provides coverage for the cost of replacement parts and repairs at a garage if needed

  • Plus

    Misfuelling cover

    Assists in case you or a worker accidentally fill your van with the wrong fuel and covers the associated costs

  • Plus

    Key cover

    Offers assistance if you misplace or lock your keys inside the van, providing locksmith services or replacement keys if necessary

Business Van Insurance

Business owners may choose business insurance for their van or fleet of vans instead of standard van insurance because: 

  • It often provides broader coverage tailored to commercial operations. such as goods in transit cover, employer's liability insurance, and business interruption coverage 

  • It can offer specialist features to manage a fleet of vans efficiently that may include fleet tracking systems or driver behaviour monitoring 

  • Insuring your fleet on one policy means you won’t have to deal with multiple policies. You could also choose ‘any driver’ coverage so all of your employees can drive any of the vans insured on the policy 

  • Depending on the nature of the business and industry, certain insurance coverage may be legally required. Business insurance ensures compliance to avoid potential penalties 

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How to save money on van breakdown cover?

The cost of van breakdown cover is determined by many factors. Personal cover tends to be more expensive than vehicle cover because the firm providing it has no knowledge of the vans that will be used. To get the best deal on your van breakdown cover, you should consider

  • 1

    Type of cover

    Decide which level of cover you need – do you only want to cover yourself as a driver, or do you need to protect your vehicle or multiple vehicles?

  • 2

    Level of cover

    Roadside assistance offers the most basic protection, but perhaps you would benefit from nationwide, European or onward travel cover 

  • 3

    Type of van

    Different vans have varying costs, especially as modern vehicles have more complicated features. Older vans may be more expensive to repair, however

  • 4

    Small breakdown provider

    Big names like the AA and RAC might be the first that pop in your head when it comes to breakdown cover but a smaller, less-known firm could serve your needs just as well, and charge less.

  • 5


    Make sure you read the small print of your policy to understand any limitations. You don’t want to be caught out of cover on a technicality!

  • 6

    Shop around

    Use our comparison tool to compare deals from a range of van breakdown providers – you can often find cheaper cover than you thought

What do I need to get a quote?

To get a quote, you’ll need to provide us with some details, including:

  • Tick

    Some personal details

  • Tick

    The type of cover you require

  • Tick

    Date you want the cover to start

  • Tick

    Vehicle(s) registration, make and model

Sam Meadows

Our expert says


Van breakdown cover can be essential insurance for vehicles that are clocking up many miles on the roads. It helps get you out of a jam if you do find yourself stranded and gives you peace of mind too. The cheapest option won’t always be the most suitable for you, so check the policy fully for any exclusions, particularly with regard to commercial use.

- Sam Meadows, Insurance Expert

Compare van insurance

You can compare multiple van breakdown cover deals in our simple comparison tables. You’ll get a list of policies available to you, along with the monthly price and main benefits of each, including any rewards or vouchers.

When you see a deal you like, just follow the link to the provider’s website to purchase your chosen policy.

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Get tailored breakdown cover with MoneySuperMarket

It’s easy to compare cheap breakdown quotes online with MoneySuperMarket. Simply fill out a few details about yourself and your vehicle, and you’ll be able to compare quotes quickly.

  • It doesn’t take long

    Put in details like your address, the type of vehicle you have and the registration and we’ll get you a quote for van breakdown cover

  • We’ll search for savings

    We’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to finding you ways to save money and show you the cheapest policies with a full range of features

  • Get covered

    Once you have chosen the level of cover you want and the policy you like, simply call or click through to purchase directly from the insurer

If you don’t have breakdown cover and your van breaks down, you might have to find a local garage to call and collect you. This can often involve a fee and you might have to find alternative transport to continue your journey.

If your van can’t be fixed on the roadside and you have onward journey cover, you will be able to continue your journey with a replacement vehicle whilst yours is sent for repairs. ‘Onward journey’ is a specific level of cover, so make sure that you include this in your policy, if you’re worried about how this could affect you.

Look in your logbook to find the section on vehicle category or vehicle type approval, this will give you a letter and a number. If it’s ‘M1’ it’s a car and if it is ‘N1’ or ‘N2’ it is a van. If you’re unsure about anything, check in with the breakdown coverage provider.

When getting van breakdown cover, you can choose to cover either yourself as a driver or the van. If you choose to cover the van, any driver will be covered.

If you have chosen European van breakdown cover as your policy, then your cover should be extended to the rest of Europe. Some insurance providers may include or exclude certain countries from their European cover, so check the policy details before you travel.

If you tend to drive multiple vans, it’s a good idea to consider personal breakdown cover instead of insuring the van specifically. This will allow you to drive any van and maintain the same level of cover. You could also check to see if the other vans you’re driving are covered specifically for the van and not a specific driver, because that means you are covered anyway.

This will depend on the provider and policy. Some providers offer unlimited callouts, but others have a limit on their policy. Make sure you keep an eye out for any limits when comparing van breakdown cover and make sure you pick the policy that gives you the protection you need. 

Yes, there can be vehicle size or weight limits associated with van insurance in the UK.

Insurance providers may have specific criteria regarding the maximum weight or dimensions of vans they are willing to insure. It's essential to check with the insurance company for any limitations or requirements based on your van's size or weight. 

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