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If you’re looking for a great value SIM-only deal with the backing of one of the UK’s best biggest networks, then TalkHome could well be for you.

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Is TalkHome a good network?

TalkHome is an MVNO, a mobile virtual network operator, which means it uses another network to get you access to calls, data and texts. In TalkHome’s case, it’s powered by EE.

That means it offers access to the most rock-solid network in the UK, with 99% 4G coverage, over 50% 5G coverage (something that is growing all the time) and top speeds, especially when it comes to 5G.

It’s reliable too, which means you can get online without any major hiccups.

TalkHome also stands out thanks to the fact it has locked its prices until 31 December 2024, meaning no nasty, mid-contract price hikes based on high rates of inflation.

Roaming comes as standard with all SIM-only deals, so you'll get access to data, calls and texts across the EU, EEA and even Australia and Ukraine.

Usage of your data allowance is capped at 10GB, though. But that should be more than enough for a week’s holiday. You can also buy data add-ons if you’re running low.

You can also buy country-specific or global international plans, allowing you to call friends overseas or back home without the worry of bill shock.

What to look for in a TalkHome SIM contract

It may seem like a basic SIM-only package, but TalkHome’s deals leave you a lot to consider…

  • Data allowance - TalkHome SIM-only plans range from 5GB to 200GB of data. There are five 12-month plans in total, offering 5GB, 10GB, 30GB, 60GB or 120GB. Each comes with 5G as standard. 30-day plans cost slightly more per month, but you can get 200GB with its Platinum Plus plan. There are no unlimited data plans, however 120GB should suit all but the most data-hungry of users.
  • International minutes - TalkHome has a wide range of affordable international plans. Available as 30-day add-ons, you can get a global basic deal for £10 with 200 minutes, or a Global Pro deal for £20, which comes with 1,000 minutes. You can also purchase cheaper, specific plans if you are only calling one country.
  • Contract length - TalkHome offers rolling 30-day SIM-only contracts and 12-month SIM-only deals. The latter are cheaper per month, but the former offer greater flexibility and no credit check either. It also offers pay as you go plans.
  • Calls and texts - All TalkHome’s deals come with unlimited calls to UK numbers and unlimited texts
  • Coverage - Thanks to the backing of EE, TalkHome’s coverage is the best available in the UK, with excellent 5G speeds to boot

The main thing to note is that whatever deal you choose, TalkHome is one of the best value SIM-only networks around right now.

Cheap TalkHome SIM deals

While all TalkHome SIM-only deals can be considered cheap, it’s more affordable to go long and lock into a 12-month deal.

Its Starter Max 12 plan comes in at just £5 per month for 5GB of data and unlimited calls and texts.

However, for those who would rather enjoy the flexibility of a monthly rolling plan, its Starter Plus deal comes with 4GB of 5G data and costs £5 per month.

Look out for regular deals which often see TalkHome slash the monthly cost of its plans for an initial three-month period.

Does TalkHome offer SIMs with unlimited data?

Unfortunately, TalkHome does not offer SIM-only plans with unlimited data.

Instead, you can get 200GB of 5G data on its Platinum Plus deal, which is a rolling 30-day contract costing £35 per month.

This should suit all needs when it comes to streaming video, listening to music, working on the go and gaming.

Which networks offer good SIM plan alternatives?

The UK is lucky to have some excellent SIM-only networks with similar plans to TalkHome, especially when it comes to international calling.

  • Lebara Mobile – Lebara serves up low-cost 30-day SIMs that come with great international calling options. You can get specific plans by country, just like you can with TalkHome.
  • Giffgaff – One of the original and best MVNOs, giffgaff serves up affordable deals and a wide range of international calling options
  • Lycamobile - With deals offering unlimited international calls, dedicated minutes for specific countries and a rock solid 5G network based on EE, LycaMobile is a great alternative

For those who want a basic, SIM-only deal, all of the following offer great deals:

To see all your SIM-only options in one place, use our comparison tool.

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