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Honest Mobile SIM only deals



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Honest Mobile SIM only deals

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Honest Mobile is a eco-friendly network that teams 5G as standard, with inclusive EU roaming and WiFi calling. Read on to find out more..

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Honest Mobile is a different kind of mobile network. While it brings you everything you want from a great SIM-only deal, including 5G as standard, inclusive EU roaming and WiFi calling, it also has some great features that will make you want to sign up sharpish.

This includes discounts for loyalty, transparency when it comes to additional charges and a carbon negative approach designed to help you do your bit for the planet.

Is Honest Mobile a good network?

Backed by Three’s 5G network, the fastest in the UK. Honest Mobile claims to be doing things differently to rival providers.

Its biggest draw is the fact that bills drop the longer you stay with Honest Mobile. For every month you stay loyal, your bill falls. Loyalty discounts increase by 5% each year, capped at 30%.

Honest Mobile tracks your device’s carbon footprint and plants trees in a bid to offset any carbon produced by the data you use and calls you make.

What’s more, Honest Mobile also tells you when you should downgrade your data, saving you money if you don’t use as much data as you expected.

Best of all, you can tweak your data allowance whether you’re on a rolling 30 day or 12 month contract. And if you make chargeable calls, it’ll notify you and tell you exactly how much you’ve spent. EU roaming up to 20GB per trip comes as standard.

Importantly, Honest Mobile says it can connect you with an actual human within 30 seconds, making it easy to troubleshoot any issues.

What to look for in a Honest Mobile SIM contract

Honest Mobile’s offering is slightly different from rival providers. Here’s what to look out for…

  • Data allowance - Honest Mobile keeps things very simple. There are just three data allowances available: 4GB, 10GB and unlimited.
  • Contract length - Like most SIM-only networks, Honest Mobile offers rolling 30 day SIM-only contracts and 12-month SIM-only deals. You’ll pay less per month for a 12 month deal and can still change your allowance each month when you’re locked in.
  • Calls and texts - unlimited calls and texts come as standard with Honest Mobile
  • Coverage - Honest Mobile uses Three’s network. It offers the fastest 5G in the UK and good coverage across the country
  • Eco-friendly - Honest Mobile takes into account the carbon footprint of your smartphone, planting trees to offset its use
  • Roaming - you can use up to 20GB when roaming in the EU at no extra cost, something moist major networks no longer offer for free
  • Cost - Honest Mobile makes a big play of reducing your bill for staying loyal. However, its contracts are notably more expensive than rivals such as giffgaff, TalkHome and Lycamobile

Cheap Honest Mobile SIM deals

Honest Mobile’s cheapest deal comes in at £12.15 a month for 4GB of data, unlimited calls and texts on a 12 month contract. The same allowance costs £13.50 on a rolling 30 day contract.

There’s no escaping the fact that Honest Mobile SIM-only deals cost more than rival plans.

This is slightly eased by the reduction in price for loyalty and its readily accessible customer service, something many cheap SIM-only providers don’t offer.

However, there are cheaper options available if saving is your primary motivation.

Does Honest Mobile offer SIMs with unlimited data?

Yes, you can get unlimited data on Honest Mobile, on either 30 day or 12 month contracts. A 30 day unlimited data plan costs £25 per month and £22.50 on a 12 month plan,

Which networks offer good SIM plan alternatives?

The UK has a great range of SIM-only networks to choose from. These include…

  • Lebara Mobile – Lebara offers up 30-day SIMs that come with great international calling options, ideal if you have friends and family overseas. You can get specific plans by country, just like you can with Honest Mobile.
  • Giffgaff – One of the original and best MVNOs, giffgaff has cheap plans galore
  • TalkHome - super budget deals backed up by EE’s network, TalkHome has made a serious move to be the cheapest SIM-only provider in the UK

For those who want a basic, SIM-only deal, all of the following offer great deals

To see all your SIM-only options in one place, use our comparison tool.

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