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Euros travel money card

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What is a prepaid euros card?

A prepaid euros card is a preloaded travel card that you load up with euros before you go on holiday and then use it in the same way as a debit or credit card.  

The advantage of a currency card is that you avoid the expensive fees debit and credit cards usually charge for overseas use.  

You can use prepaid euros cards for transactions in shops or cash withdrawals while you’re travelling abroad in Europe. Once you’ve used the preloaded euros, you either have to top up the card or stop spending.

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How do prepaid euros cards work?

Prepaid euros cards are generally simple to get and use, and the process normally involves the following:

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    Apply for the card

    The simplest way is to compare, decide and then apply for the card online, choosing the currency you want to use. Some providers may require you to download and apply through an app. You will need to provide a few basic personal details

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    Load the card

    This may be part of the application process or you might have to wait until it’s complete, but you’ll need to load up your card with money before you can spend overseas. This is generally done from your bank account and you can only spend money that’s on the card

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    Spend on the card

    Once you’ve loaded your card, you should be able to use it for spending in almost all of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Check the terms and conditions so you’re aware of any limitations - or advantages if you use it a certain way

What are the pros and cons of getting a money card for travel?

There are advantages and disadvantages to using a prepaid euros card.

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    • Charges.  Euro prepaid cards are usually cheaper to use overseas than a standard debit or credit card 

    • Budgeting. Independent of your bank account, you can only spend the money you’ve loaded on to it 

    • Security. Prepaid euro cards generally come with the same basic features as standard credit cards, including chip and pin protection

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    • Limited Acceptance. May not be accepted everywhere, especially in regions with limited access to card payment infrastructure or outside of the EU 

    • Lack of flexibility. Restrictions on fund transfers, withdrawal limits, and currency conversion options 

    • Costly for non-euro transactions. May incur additional fees for currency conversion outside of the EU, making them less cost-effective compared to other payment methods

How do I choose the best prepaid euros card?

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    Compare card fees

    Look for a prepaid euro card with low or no monthly fees, transaction fees, and ATM withdrawal fees to minimise costs

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    Consider currency options

    Opt for a card that allows you to hold multiple currencies, offering convenience and potential savings on currency conversion fees

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    Look for promotional offer

    Some providers offer incentives for taking out the card, such as additional cash when you load more than a certain amount

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    Read customer reviews

    Look for feedback from existing users to gauge the card's reliability, customer service quality, and ease of use

Why compare prepaid travel cards with MoneySuperMarket

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    A great deal

    We’ll show you offers from leading providers on the market, so you can be sure you’re finding the best deal for you

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    Easy to follow

    The key features and any promotional offers for each card are presented upfront. So it’s straightforward to compare

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    Apply online

    Once you’ve made your choice, just click through to the provider and you can apply for the card online within minutes

How do I avoid charges on a prepaid travel card?

To avoid some of the potential charges that could apply, read the description of each deal carefully. Once you’ve chosen your card, take the following steps to avoid extra costs:

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    Withdraw and load cash in bulk

    This reduces the number of times you will be charged transaction or loading fees on your prepaid euros card

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    Use the local currency

    Shops or restaurants may ask whether you want to conduct the transaction using sterling, which is often more expensive

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    Keep your card safe

    You should cancel the card as soon as you realise it’s lost, but if you don’t know immediately someone could still use it, particularly with contactless

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    Choose the right card

    Try to avoid cards that impose extra charges, but if it’s not possible, understand what the charges are and when they will be applied

How do currency exchange rates affect prepaid euro cards?

The exchange rate when loading your prepaid euro card is fixed, so you can't benefit from future improvements but won't suffer losses either. Consider waiting for a favourable exchange rate before applying for a card.

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Compare prepaid euros cards with MoneySuperMarket

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, taking a prepaid euro card could be a good way to manage your money while you’re abroad.

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    View euro card deals

    MoneySuperMarket’s selection of prepaid euro cards gives you a range of different deals from leading providers to choose from

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    Compare features

    Choices include the exchange rate offered, any fees they apply, the currency you will use, and any incentives to sign up

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    Click through to apply

    Once you’ve made your choice, you can simply click through to the provider to apply for the card online in minutes

Most places that accept Visa and MasterCard will also let you use prepaid euro cards. However there may be some exceptions, including car hire companies, petrol stations and motorway toll booths. Always check with your provider beforehand to see if they can give you information about where you can and can’t use your card.

If your prepaid euro card is lost or stolen, contact the card issuer's customer service department to report the incident as soon as you realise. They will be able to block the card to prevent unauthorised use and assist you in getting a replacement card or accessing emergency funds.

Loading funds to a prepaid Euro card is typically a straightforward process. You can do it online or through a mobile app provided by the card issuer. Simply log in to your account, select the option to load funds, and choose the desired amount. You can usually top up the card using a bank transfer, debit card, or credit card. Some cards even offer the convenience of automatic reloading.

Yes, you can generally use a prepaid euro card for online transactions in the same way as a debit or credit card. Just enter the card details, including the card number, expiry date, and CVV code. Check with your card issue if you’re unsure whether you’ll face any additional fees or limitations.

This will depend on the terms of your card and where you plan to make the withdrawals. For example, some cards might allow you to make euro withdrawals abroad, but not in the UK. You should also be aware of the fees because they can differ between card issuers and where you withdraw the cash. Finally, even though the card issuer might not charge you, the ATM provider may impose its own fee.

The specific requirements may vary depending on the card issuer, but typically anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a prepaid euro card, although some card providers may also offer options for individuals aged 16 or 17. Review the terms and conditions of the card issuer before applying.

Prepaid euro travel cards often have spending and withdrawal limits in place that can vary depending on the card issuer and the specific type of card you have. Typically, there are daily, weekly, or monthly limits on both spending and cash withdrawals. These limits are set to ensure security and to prevent unauthorised use of the card. The maximum amount you can load on your card also depends on the terms of the card provider. If you’re concerned you won’t be able to spend or withdraw as much as you need, review the terms and conditions applying.

It depends on the terms and conditions of the card. You can often find prepaid euro cards that don’t charge in the nominated card currencies, but if you try to pay in a different currency you might be charged.

Determining whether a prepaid travel card is right for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. Prepaid travel cards can be a convenient option for managing your expenses while travelling, providing security and ease of use. They are particularly useful if you want to avoid carrying cash and want to lock in exchange rates in advance. However, consider factors such as card fees, transaction fees, and the countries you'll be visiting. Assess your spending habits and compare the features and costs of different cards to decide if a prepaid travel card aligns with your travel requirements.

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