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Electric motorBike Insurance

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published: 08 September 2016
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As fuel prices continue to soar and insurance premiums show no sign of dropping, many commuters and young motorists may well turn to alternative modes of transport, such as electric motorcycles, in order to cut travel costs.

So what exactly is an electric scooter and are they subject to the same rules of the road as petrol-powered bikes? Let’s take a look…

What is an electric motorbike?

Electric motorbikes, scooters or mopeds are basically the same as their petrol counterparts but are driven by an electric motor powered by a rechargeable battery as opposed to a combustion engine.

They are ridden in the same way as motorbikes and riders need to wear a helmet, have to tax the vehicle – although road tax is usually be free of charge – and must be covered by an electric bike insurance policy.

Anyone riding an electric bike will also need a provisional or full driving licence and, if you obtained your licence after February 1, 2001, you will also need to complete a compulsory basic training course (CBT).

These electric bikes should not be confused with the electric bikes that look like bicycles and are subject to the same road rules as pushbikes in that helmets and insurance is not compulsory.

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Why buy an electric motorbike?

The main advantage of riding an electric bike is that you cut out fuel and road tax costs and electric bike insurance premiums are usually very cheap, making them very economical vehicles to keep on the road.

They are also ideal for getting around town, as they are lighter than petrol versions and can easily be manoeuvred through traffic and can save the headache of finding somewhere to park.

However, because scooters such as those in the Elecscoot range, usually only have a top speed of around 40mph and a range of 30-40 miles, they are not suitable for longer commutes.

Another good reason to get one is because they are environmentally friendly and emit no harmful emissions whatsoever.

The battery life is usually very good with silicon batteries having a charge life of around 9,000 miles and lithium phosphate batteries going for about 55,000 miles. It takes between six and eight hours to fully charge the battery and although batteries can be partially charged this should not be done regularly as it will affect battery life.

Get cheap electric motorbike insurance quotes

As with any type of vehicle insurance, it makes sense to shop around for the best deal.

You should keep in mind though that just because a policy is cheap, that does not mean that it is value for money so you need to check that any cover suits your needs and circumstances.

You will probably find that electric bike insurance is relatively inexpensive anyway but there are ways in which you can cut costs further, for instance, by making sure that your bike is secured with insurance accredited anti-theft locks and immobilisers and it also helps to keep it in a locked garage overnight.

You could also add an older, more experienced rider, preferably one over-25, to your policy to cut costs and, if possible, pay annually for your premium as insurers charge interest on policies that are spread over the year.

For more tips on how to keep insurance costs down, visit our  page.

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