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At MoneySuperMarket, we've long argued that there are substantial savings to be made by switching energy provider. And the government thinks so too.

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It is running the Big Energy Switch campaign to encourage people to seek out a cheaper deal. It reckons 11 million households could save £200 or more a year by switching – a whopping £2.2 billion in total.

It takes around five minutes to run a quote on our energy channel – and once you’ve chosen your new provider, you should be on supply with them in just 17 days, with no interruption to supply and no need for any work in your home or in the street outside.

You can switch to a ‘dual-fuel’ deal for both gas and electricity from the same supplier, or you can arrange separate tariffs for each type of fuel – or just for electricity, if you’re not on the gas supply.

Government re-energises Power to Switch campaign

In a recent poll of over 2000 adults, the government found:

  • Only 6% realised they could save £200 or more by switching.
  • 21% actually estimated they would only save £50 or less
  • Almost two in three people said they had no idea how much they could save.

To encourage people to switch energy provider, the government has set up a dedicated website to explain the benefits of switching. It provides access to officially accredited comparison websites, such as MoneySuperMarket, which enable people to scour the market for the best deal.

Remember, you can begin your energy switch journey right here at the MoneySuperMarket energy channel.

But if you'd rather talk to us over the phone than complete the process online, we're here to help. You can call us on 0800 177 7087 between 9am and 8pm Monday to Thursday, from 9am to 5.30pm on Friday and from 10am to 2pm on Saturdays

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