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Roofers Liability Insurance


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151% of customers paid up to £10.83 a month direct debit for a standard public liability insurance policy. MoneySuperMarket data collected between October 2023 and December 2023

Compare roofers insurance from UK insurers such as:

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What is roofers insurance?

Insurance policies for roofers and scaffolders cover your staff, your clients, and the public. It ensures that if you build and repair roof structures for a living, the costs of any unexpected incidents such as damage, injury, or theft are covered by your insurer. Having public liability insurance gives you protection against any claims and helps your business keep going when an unexpected event gets in the way. This cover will give you the confidence that you have taken all the steps to safeguard both you and your business from any claims.


How does roofers liability insurance work?

Liability insurance protects you when, for example, someone trips over your equipment or a tile comes loose and hits someone or damages their property. This is when your insurance will come in and cover the cost of any damages, legal fees or compensation that might be due.

If you find yourself in the position of needing to make a claim, all you need to do is make sure you have all your insurance information at hand including your policy number. It will help if you have any pictures or proof of any incidents that occur to help your claim run smoother.


What does roofers public liability insurance cover?

Make sure you pick the right cover to protect you.

  • Tick


    • Public liability insurance for roofers 

    • Employer’s liability insurance

    • Contract works insurance 

  • Cross

    Not covered

    • Business and office equipment (e.g. laptops) 

    • Loss, damage or theft of tools  

    • Any work other than roofing (e.g. fitting bathrooms or garden maintenance)

What other types of insurance can I get for my scaffolding business?

You may need additional cover for other aspects of your business including:

Sam Meadows

Our expert says


By its nature, roofing and scaffolding have inherent risks and public liability insurance becomes a must-have in this line of work. Without cover, a claim for personal injury or property damage against you could cost thousands of pounds and even cost you your business. It doesn’t have to be expensive either and you can compare deals quickly and easily with us.

- Sam Meadows, Insurance Expert

Compare roofers insurance

Comparing quotes with MoneySuperMarket is the easiest way to find an affordable deal on cover. Follow these easy steps:

  • Tell us about your business

    Tell us a little about your business and we will find deals tailored to your requirements 

  • Compare deals

    You’ll be able to compare offers by cost, level of protection and any extras that are available for you

  • Choose the one that suits you

    Once you have found the right deal for you, just click the provider and finalise your purchase