The True Cost of Driving Green

With the recent announcement of plans to ban all petrol and diesel cars by 2040, going green looks to be the future for the UK. But what effect will this change have on drivers and their wallets? While the cost of buying electric cars may still be more expensive than petrol models by just over £5,000, the running costs are actually cheaper. Over 6 years electric car drivers will spend 20% less on fuel, road tax and car insurance costs, even though over half of drivers are reluctant to swap due to concerns about cost.

In our survey, it was also uncovered that over 60% of vehicle users were unaware of discounts and grants made available by the government to lessen the price of switching. Similarly, just under 2/3 of drivers were uninformed of where they would charge an electric car in their local area. Below we’ve broken down the cost of driving green – what could you be saving?

True cost of driving green infographic

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