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Vodafone vs BT broadband: Which is better?

Both Vodafone and BT use the Openreach network to deliver speeds up to 900Mbps. But there are some big differences between what each one has to offer. Which one is better for you? To help you choose, we weigh up what you can get with each provider.

Vodafone vs BT broadband at a glance



Can I get ADSL?

No – Vodafone doesn’t offer standard ADSL broadband

Yes – average speeds of 10Mbps

Can I get superfast fibre?

Yes, with average speeds of 38Mbps or 67Mbps

Yes, average speeds of 36Mbps, 50Mbps or 67Mbps

Can I get ultrafast fibre?

Yes, with maximum average speeds of up to 900Mbps

Yes, with maximum average speeds of up to 900Mbps

Download limit?

No, all packages are truly unlimited

No, all packages are truly unlimited


Yes – an Apple TV 4K-based service

Yes – a YouView-based BT TV service

Do I have to take a home phone?

Yes – all Vodafone packages come with line rental

No – BT doesn’t require you to take a landline

Vodafone vs BT: Cost

When looking at costs, Vodafone is better for those on a budget. Its prices start from £22 a month for its Superfast 1 plan with speeds of 38Mbps, making it one of the more affordable providers out there.

In comparison, BT’s Fibre Essential plan has similar speeds of 36Mbps and costs £25.99 a month.

It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for special offers, as both Vodafone and BT regularly run rewards and vouchers that’ll help bring down costs.

And neither provider charges a set-up fee, which is a plus.

Vodafone vs BT: average broadband speeds

Both providers offer a range of broadband speeds up to 900Mbps, although BT has a few more options to choose from.

  • Vodafone’s broadband speeds: 38Mbps, 67Mbps, 100Mbps, 200Mbps, 500Mbps and 900Mbps
  • BT’s broadband speeds: 10Mbps, 36Mbps, 50Mbps, 67Mbps, 150Mbps, 300Mbps, 500Mbps and 900Mbps

Vodafone vs BT: broadband packages

Vodafone has six plans, at speeds starting at 38Mbps all the way up to 900Mbps. Speeds of 200Mbps and above are only available if you upgrade to Vodafone Pro, though – this is an add-on service that strengthens the quality of your Vodafone connection.

With BT, you have more choice. As well as seven fibre optic broadband packages, ranging between 36Mbps to 900Mbps, there’s also a standard ADSL option with speeds of 10Mbps.

You can also add BT Complete Wi-Fi to your fibre plan, which maximises the strength of your home broadband using a mesh network and Wi-Fi discs.

All plans from Vodafone and BT are available on 24-month contracts.

Vodafone vs BT: home phone

All Vodafone packages come with line rental included. In contrast, most BT plans no longer require a landline, although you can certainly choose to bundle one with your broadband.

Vodafone broadband comes with ‘pay as you go’ calls as standard, so you only pay for calls you make. If you want to upgrade your calls package for an extra monthly charge, Vodafone has two call plans: Evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and Anytime UK Landline and Mobile Calls, as well as some extra features like Voicemail Plus.

If you decide to get a home phone with BT, you have more options to choose from. Other than the basic ‘pay as you go’ plan, you can get plans with 700 or unlimited minutes to UK landlines and mobiles. And if you have family or friends living abroad, you can also opt for an international phone add-on.

Overall, BT’s landline choices are more comprehensive than Vodafone’s, although you don’t have to get one if you don’t want it.

Vodafone vs BT: TV

While both Vodafone and BT offer broadband and TV bundles, they’re rather different in terms of what exactly you get.

Available only with the more expensive Pro Xtra plans, Vodafone’s TV service comprises a free Apple 4K TV set-top box and a three-month Apple TV+ subscription. You can easily access all your favourite apps, such as Netflix, Now TV and Prime Video, as well as on-demand players like BBC iPlayer and All 4 – making it a good option if you prefer streaming over live viewing.

In comparison, BT TV has more choice and channels. One big draw is TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport), which has some of the best live sports broadcasting on the market.

You can choose from five plans – depending on what you pick, you could get TNT Sports channels, NOW TV's Sports or Entertainment Memberships (which come with the best Sky TV channels), and a Netflix subscription. Not to mention, you can customise your package with various add-ons, which you’re free to switch up during your contract.

Luckily, neither Vodafone nor BT require you to get a satellite dish installed. However, if you want to watch Freeview channels with BT, you’ll need a rooftop aerial and aerial cable.

Vodafone vs BT: Fibre broadband and availability

Both providers use the Openreach network – which, incidentally, is owned by BT – to provide their services.

As Openreach is the biggest network in the UK, both Vodafone and BT have wide availability – chances are, you’ll be able to get it at your address.

To find out what’s available in your area, just enter your postcode in our availability checker below.

Vodafone vs BT: Download limits

Both providers offer truly unlimited broadband, meaning there’s no limit on how much you can use and download. Additionally, there’s no traffic management, so your speeds won’t be artificially slowed down, even during peak hours.

Vodafone vs BT: Extras

BT is one of the biggest providers in the UK, so it’s no surprise that it offers plenty of incentives to its customers.

If you’re planning to bundle your broadband with another service, you’ll be able to score discounts or free subscriptions. Best of all, BT broadband and VOXI customers have free and unlimited access to BT’s public Wi-Fi network, which consists of more than five million hotspots across the UK.

While value-focused Vodafone doesn’t offer the same level of perks, you can still get a few discounts if you take out certain services. For example, Vodafone Mobile customers can enjoy some deals, such as a discounted upgrade to Vodafone Pro and money off their monthly broadband bill.

Vodafone vs BT: Customer service

Vodafone scores perfectly average when it comes to customer service.

On the other hand, Ofcom's latest annual report found BT’s customer satisfaction to be lower than average, with customers less likely than average to recommend BT to a friend.

And customers of both providers were more likely than average to have a reason to complain about their broadband service.

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