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How to choose the right type of card

If you’re not sure what kind of card is right for you, here are three things you need consider.

By Rachel Wait

Updated: 26 May 2022

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Give your score some TLC

Working out which type of credit card is most suited to your borrowing needs can be tricky, but by answering a few short questions we’ll be able to help direct you toward the card for you.

Do you have a good credit history?

This is important because credit card companies consider your credit history when they decide whether to accept your application or not.

Credit Monitor lets you check your score for free, plus you’ll get free, personalised tips to help you improve your score. A better score means you’re more likely to have access to a wider range of credit card deals, so you’ll have more options to choose from.

We’ll also keep an eye on your credit file and let you know about any activity that could be suspicious, so you can act on it quickly and make sure your score isn’t negatively impacted.  

If your credit score isn’t quite what you were expecting, don’t panic – there are specific cards available that can help to build up your rating if your history isn’t great.

Do you want to transfer a balance from another card?

There are lots of credit cards out there that are specifically designed for moving your existing balance from your old card to a new one, to sidestep paying interest for a set period of time. If you want to reduce your interest payments, this could be an option for you.

Do you plan to use your new card for spending?

If you want to use the card for a major purchase, or for everyday spending, look out for cards with low interest rates, or interest-free periods on purchases.

If you’re still not sure which type of card you should go for, our handy tool can help you choose.

Give your score some TLC

Get clued up on credit scoring

Our quizzes can help you understand why your score might fluctuate,
plus find out what your score can affect, other than your finances