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Take advantage of your annual tax-free ISA allowance. You can invest up to £15,240 in a cash ISA and pay no tax on the returns. Some accounts also allow you to transfer in money invested in the previous tax year so you can maximise returns on all your tax-free savings.


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    • Provider/Product name Notice Cash ISA

      Al Rayan Bank

      Notice Cash ISA

    • Interest rate (AER) 2.00% Variable
    • Min/Max opening amount £250 to £ no limit
    • Notice / Term Notice Period: 120 days
    • Account type Notice Cash ISA Transfer In
    • Access Internet Post Telephone In Branch
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    Expected Profit Rate

    UK’s first Sharia compliant Cash ISA and offers an expected profit rate of 2.00%

    Great for
    Quick and easy online application
    Invest as little as £250 and transfer existing ISA balances
    UK based ethical bank with full UK regulation. The bank operates under Islamic finance principles
    But be aware that
    120 day’s notice must be given to access your funds
  1. Great for
    Minimum investment of £1,000, up to your annual Cash ISA limit for this current tax year subscription
    Easy access to your savings
    Simple online application and access
    But be aware that
    Tiered interest rate applies, balances below £15,000 are subject to a rate of 1.10% AER variable, balances below £5,000 a rate of 0.75% AER variable
  2. Great for
    The Online ISA account offers you the flexibility to spread your allowance across easy access and fixed rate products
    The flexibility to manage your money online 24/7 with unlimited penalty free withdrawals
    Ability to make additional deposits, transfer in your existing ISAs and move money between products
    But be aware that
    The Online ISA is provided by Family Investments. Savings in Post Office Money cash ISAs are deposited with Bank of Ireland UK
    If you wish to spread your ISA balance across both the variable and fixed rate accounts you will need to open the holding account first - this can easily be done as part of the online application
    A breakage charge will occur if you move money from the Fixed Rate account during the fixed term
    • Provider/Product name Cash ISA

      Sainsbury's Bank

      Cash ISA

    • Interest rate (AER) 1.40% Variable
    • Min/Max opening amount £500 to £ no limit
    • Notice / Term Notice Period: none
    • Account type Cash ISA Transfer In
    • Access Internet Post Telephone In Branch
    • Go to site

    Great for
    Transferring existing ISA balances
    Make multiple deposits up to the £15,240 annual allowance - or the full amount in one transaction
    For new and existing customers
    But be aware that
    Lower rate of 0.50% AER for balances that fall below £500
  3. Great for
    No penalties for withdrawals
    Transferring existing ISA balances
    But be aware that
    For balances below £25,000, lower tiered rates will apply starting from 1.00%


Cash ISA Guide

What are cash ISAs?

Death and taxes are famously the only two real certainties in life. However, you can avoid paying tax on at least some of your savings by choosing a cash individual savings account (ISA) rather than a standard account.

Tax-free cash ISAs are available from most banks and building societies and are open to all UK residents over the age of 16.

There are limits on the amount you can pay in each year. This tax year, for example, the total ISA allowance per adult is £15,240.

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The allowance can be held in entirely in a cash ISA, wholly in a stocks and shares ISA, or spread between the two.

It is vital to remember that any money paid into your cash ISA and then withdrawn will still count towards your ISA allowance.

Consequently, if you put £15,240 into your account and then withdraw £1,000, you will not be able to pay any more in before the end of the tax year.

What types of cash ISA accounts are available?

You can only open one cash ISA in any one tax year.

However, you can switch to a new cash ISA provider if you find a better deal – as long as the terms of your existing account allow you access to your money and the account you wish to move to accepts transfers.

And the good news is that, like standard savings accounts, cash ISAs come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Most are flexible easy access accounts. However, there are also fixed-rate cash ISAs available. Before signing up, it is therefore a good idea to check the terms and conditions.

When switching accounts, it is also vital to transfer any ISA cash across electronically using a transfer form provided by your new ISA provider as withdrawing it manually will mean losing the tax benefits.

As mentioned above, stocks and shares ISAs offer another option for those prepared to risk their capital in the hope of superior returns.

What are the advantages of cash ISAs?

With an ordinary savings account, 20% of the interest earned by a basic-rate taxpayer goes to the taxman. Higher-rate taxpayers forfeit 40% of the interest they earn while those in the top tax band lose 45%.

Avoiding this tax is therefore the big advantage of taking out a cash ISA.

However, from April 6, 2016, new rules will come into play which will allow basic-rate taxpayers to earn £1,000 of savings interest without the taxman taking a slice, and higher-rate taxpayers will be able to earn £500.

Why should you use to compare cash ISAs?

It is important to make full use of your ISA allowance each tax year if you can, as you cannot roll over any unused allowance to the following tax year.

And the wide variety of ISAs on offer makes it crucial to compare accounts so that you are sure to get a top interest rate.

After all, there is no point avoiding tax if your ISA savings are languishing in a low-rate account. MoneySuperMarket can help you find the right cash ISA and boost your returns quickly and easily.


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