Weekly car insurance

When buying car insurance, not everyone wants - or indeed needs - to shell out for an annual policy. There are a number of circumstances where just a weekly car insurance policy is all that is required.

It may be that your son or daughter is back from University and hoping to borrow dad's wheels for the week. Being able to arrange a short term policy would ensure they were covered for the period they were home.

Perhaps your brakes have packed in so your car is in the garage being fixed and you need to borrow a vehicle so you can still get around.
Or it could be that you are off on a big family holiday and want to borrow a bigger car so that all of your luggage - and the kids - can be packed in. Whatever the circumstance, you'll need a short term insurance policy in place to ensure that the car you are driving is legally on the road.

That's where MoneySupermarket can help. Our dedicated short term car insurance comparison service will allow you to directly compare a variety of quotes and find the best deal for you, including weekly car insurance policies.

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Don't be tempted to go without

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that because you are only using the car for a brief period of time, you can get away with not being insured. It is vital that even if you will only be driving a vehicle for a day, you are covered and protected from a range of eventualities.

Legislation introduced last year saw a real clamp down by the Government on uninsured drivers - which is why it is more important than ever to make sure you have cover in place. Motorists without insurance currently cost the car industry £500 million.

However, Continuous Insurance Enforcement states that any car - whether used or unused - has to be insured. The only exception to this is if you have contacted the DVLA and declared your car off the road through a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) Failure to do this, or to insure your car could result in serious consequences.

You would initially be sent an Insurance Advisory letter by the Motor Insurers' Bureau. This will state that unless you take action, you will be fined which could be as much as £1,000. You also run the risk of having your car clamped, seized and disposed of and a court prosecution. A hefty price to pay for a short term saving.

Get the most competitive deal

With record fuel prices and household purse strings stretched to the limit, it is vital that you make sure you are getting the most competitive price for your weekly car insurance, and not paying over the odds.

By utilising the MoneySupermarket weekly car insurance service, you will be able to compare quotes through companies that we use such as dayinsure and tempcover.com who will find the most suitable policy for you.

Visit our short term car insurance page for other flexible options.

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