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How does an Audi lease deal work? 

An Audi car lease deal lets you drive a brand-new car for fixed monthly payments. Here’s what to expect: 

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    Choose an Audi

    Select the type of Audi you’d like to lease. When searching for a new Audi with Moneyshake, you can use the filters to hone in on the exact type of Audi you want.  

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    Make an initial payment

    You’ll have to pay an upfront fee when leasing an Audi. This payment is normally equivalent to several months’ rental (for example nine months). This is a non-refundable deposit that goes against your monthly lease payments. 

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    Choose lease length and mileage

    You will have to decide how long the Audi lease length will be. Monthly payments tend to be cheaper for longer contracts. You’ll also need to agree to a mileage limit - the higher your mileage, the more you’ll have to pay. 

What are the benefits of leasing an Audi?

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    Get to drive one of the finest cars

    Audi is one of the most prestigious car brands in the world. With an Audi lease deal you can drive a brand-new car from the Audi range with a payment plan that works for you. 

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    Fixed payments let your spread the cost

    Leasing an Audi lets you drive a high-quality car in an affordable way. With regular instalments, you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay every month, which makes it easier to budget and allows you to spread the cost of driving a brand-new Audi. 

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    No need to worry about depreciation

    One of the downsides of owning a car is that it’ll depreciate (go down in value). But if you lease a car then depreciation is the car finance provider’s bugbear, not yours. Once you return the car, provided you stuck to your contract agreements, then there’s nothing more to pay.   

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    Exciting incentives

    Leasing a car comes with incentives, such as free delivery and full manufacturer warranty. Another bonus is that the car leasing firm will sort out the road tax for you. 

Which Audi models are available to lease?

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    From £217.50*

  • A3

    From £231.92*

  • A4

    From £277.98*

  • Q2

    From £295.63*

*Prices as accurate of August 2023

Why compare Audi leasing deals with MoneySuperMarket

We’ve joined up with our partner Moneyshake to bring you Audi car leasing deals from across the UK market 

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    It’s straightforward

    We’ll show you the newest in-stock Audi offers, with all the important features highlighted so you can make an informed decision. 

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    Tailored results

    Find exactly the Audi you want by refining your search, depending on your preferences such as your monthly budget and lease length. 

  • Delivered to your doorstep

    Once you’ve found the Audi you’re after, it will be delivered directly to your door for free, with road tax and full manufacturer warranty included. 

What happens at the end of my Audi leasing period? 

As long as you’ve stuck to the contractual agreements, once your Audi lease deal is over there is nothing left to pay. All you have to do is hand back your leased car. 

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Compare Audi car leasing deals with MoneySuperMarket

It’s simple to compare Audi leasing deals with MoneySuperMarket. We’ve teamed up with Moneyshake to bring you the best Audi finance deals on the market. 

  • Choose a lease

    Let us know what you want to lease the Audi for, and you can specify your search with handy filters that let you hone in on monthly budget and contract terms. 

  • Compare quotes

    We’ll help you compare a range of Audi quotes from leading car finance firms, so you can find a deal suited to you. 

  • Get your new Audi

    Once you’ve found an Audi car leasing deal you like, then you can click through to apply for your new car. Your Audi will be delivered for free to you as well as your road tax already sorted

At the time of writing, the cheapest Audi lease deal available through Moneyshake is the Audi A1, which starts from around £219 per month. 


You’ll have the option of leasing a car for 24, 36 or 48 months. 


If you are over 18, have a full UK driving licence and a good to excellent credit score, you’ll be eligible to lease an Audi. You should also make sure you’ll be able to afford the monthly payments and initial deposit. 

When choosing an Audi leasing deal, you’ll agree to a mileage limit. If you exceed the mileage on your contract, then you’ll face extra costs. 

Yes, you will have to buy car insurance when you lease an Audi. The car finance company will be the registered owner of the car and will usually prefer for you to take out a fully comprehensive policy. You need to sort out the car insurance before your new vehicle is delivered to you. 


You might be allowed to make small modifications but, as always, check with your car finance provider, otherwise you could be breaking your contractual agreements. 

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