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EE broadband upgrade deals for existing customers

When your broadband contract ends, it’s vital to either look for a deal with a new provider or try and find a better package with your existing supplier. While switching is easy, staying put can have its benefits too, from a lack of interruption of service to rewards for staying loyal.

EE broadband is easy to upgrade. Here’s how you can go about it if you’re already an EE customer.

Best EE upgrade deals for existing customers

To see what EE broadband deals are available if you’re an existing EE customer, you’ll need to either log into your account on the EE website or call customer service.

If you have an EE mobile, you can call for free on 150. If not, call 0800 079 8586. You’ll then be able to get the full lowdown on what’s available.

Before you do so, check our range of EE deals for new customers. That way you can see what’s available to those signing up for the first time and ask for the same or similar.

Add an EE SIM only deal to your existing package

Adding an EE SIM only deal or phone contract is a great way to save money on EE broadband. You can get 10% off our broadband package if you’re an EE mobile customer. And by taking out mobile and broadband with EE, you can also get 20GB of extra mobile data.

Upgrade EE package if your broadband speed is slow

EE still offers basic, 10Mbps ADSL broadband. But it’s increasingly easy to get fibre broadband too. Its entry-level fibre broadband clocks in at 36Mbps.

If you want more, you can get EE Fibre 67 Essentials broadband at 67Mbps. Or, use our postcode checker to see if you can get EE’s Full Fibre service, which offers FTTP. That means you can get speeds up to 1.6Gbbps, perfect if you work from home, have tons of web connected devices or you’re a parent to kids who’re keen to play games online, stream and trawl through social media.

Finally, lower your bills by upgrading your call plan

Not everyone needs a landline for calls. And if you have a call package with your EE broadband, you may find that by changing it from an Anytime plan to a pay as you go one you can make major savings.

If you make calls from home but don’t have a package, then opt for an anytime deal that includes calls to mobiles and other landlines. That will stop your bill from changing month to month and save you cash in the process.

EE existing customer deals: should you switch or upgrade?

EE has some of the most reliable broadband around and its discounts available to mobile customers make it an enticing prospect for those who are already signed up.

However, vouchers and extras are not readily available to those who choose to stay. You can, of course, call and haggle to see if you can get some of the sweeteners new customers are enjoying. But with rivals like BT, Vodafone and Virgin Media offering comparable speeds, FTTP and excellent freebies, it’s a tight decision as to whether you should stay or go.

Tips for finding EE upgrade deals

Look at MoneySuperMarket’s best EE broadband deals first. Then compare these with the deals EE is offering you as an existing customer. Note any differences and then call to ask if you can be treated the same as someone signing up for the first time. If they say no, then it’s time to switch providers.

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