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How your gadget habits can make the world a better place

Gadget infographic

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Gadgets like smart phones, laptops, MP3 players and tablet computers have become an integral part of our lifestyles over the past few years. It would be rare to find someone who doesn't use any form of gadget on a daily basis. Using and recharging our gadgets is like second nature to us and many don't think about the effect our gadget habits could have on the environment- or our energy bills.

This infographic highlights that 76% of people over-charge their mobile phones, 78% over-charge their tablet computers and 77% of people over-charge hand-held games consoles. This is a massive amount of energy that is being wasted every day. We take a look at how much damage over-charging your gadgets does to the environment, and also ways on how to dispose of your gadgets in an environmentally friendly way.

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