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Dual Fuel

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Dual Fuel

A dual fuel energy tariff is one that serves both your gas and electricity needs. This means that you have just one supplier for all your home energy.

What are the benefits of a dual fuel tariff?

Energy companies want customers to buy both their electricity and their gas, so they reward those who take out a dual fuel plan by offering “loyalty” discounts.

These discounts make them better value than getting your gas and electricity from two separate providers.

Another advantage of being on a dual fuel plan is that you only have one company to contact should you have any enquiries relating to your supply or your billing.

This makes it easier and more convenient to manage your account - especially as there is just one bill and one direct debit to deal with, rather than one for gas and one for electricity.

Are dual fuel tariffs always cheaper?

Switching to a dual fuel tariff can undoubtedly get you the best deal from a specific provider.
However, taking out a dual fuel plan with your current supplier does not necessarily mean that you will receive the best deal available across the board.

The search for the best possible deal is complicated by the fact that no one company offers the cheapest tariffs for everyone - and that goes for dual fuel as well as standard plans.
It all depends on where you live in the country and how much energy you use.

So even though you are getting a discounted rate from a particular provider, another energy company may still offer a better dual fuel deal.

That's why it is so important to use MoneySupermarket to scour the market for the best deal based on your individual circumstances.

How can I switch to a dual fuel tariff?

It is very easy to switch to a dual fuel tariff, especially as your new supplier will contact both your existing gas and electricity providers on your behalf.

Consequently, even if you currently get your gas and electricity from different providers at the moment, you will only need to fill in one application to switch to a dual fuel plan.

The same is true if you want to switch to a dual fuel plan provided by one of your existing suppliers.

Can everyone have a dual fuel tariff?

If your home only uses electricity, or your energy is provided by electricity and oil, you will not be able to sign up to a dual fuel (electricity and gas) tariff.

The best way to save in this situation is to use MoneySupermarket to find the cheapest single fuel plan and opt for direct debit payments and paperless billing (both of which should get you further discounts).