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Dual Fuel

Compare cheap energy prices and suppliers

We compare prices from every energy supplier in England, Scotland and Wales to help lower your fuel bills

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What is the Epic Energy Switch?

We've secured two competitive tariffs for a limited time which are available exclusively through MoneySuperMarket. We can do this because of the strong purchasing power of our customers - it's called a collective switch.

What's more, everyone who takes part and switches will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win their energy bill paid for a year! Click here to read the full terms & conditions.

Why do I have to register?

By ticking the box, you're registering for the Epic Energy Switch. All this means is, you're telling us that you want to see these exclusive deals within your results. You will then be able to compare them to your other quotes and decide whether or not to go ahead and switch to the deal. You won't be signed up to anything else - you'll be asked this question later on.

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Epic Energy Switch

Dual fuel tariffs

Signing up for a dual fuel energy tariff means you get both your gas and electricity from the same energy supplier.

Save up to £210 on your energy bills 

This is convenient - you only have one bill and one payment to think about, and a single point of contact for queries and if a problem arises - but it isn't always the cheapest way to buy your energy.

Should I consider a dual fuel tariff?

Dual fuel tariffs are made to look attractive by the inclusion of a discount from the supplier.

For example, it will say something such as: “If you take both gas and electricity from us and arrange to pay your bill by monthly direct debit, you will receive a discount of 15%.”

This discount reduces the price you would pay if you bought gas and electricity separately from that particular supplier. But it could be the case that the total cost of buying gas and electricity separately from two different suppliers would be less than a dual fuel contract.

That's why it makes sense to shop around for both single and dual fuel deals.

In other words, don't assume the discounted dual fuel deal will be the cheapest choice from across the whole market.

How can I switch to a dual fuel tariff?

If you check and find that a dual fuel tariff is the cheapest deal - or if you decide that it's worth paying a bit extra for the convenience of getting both fuels from one supplier - then it should be easy to switch.

Your new supplier will contact both your existing gas and electricity providers on your behalf. So you'll only need to fill in one application to switch to a dual fuel tariff..

Can everyone have a dual fuel tariff?

If your home only uses electricity, or your energy is provided by electricity and oil, you will not be able to sign up to a dual fuel (electricity and gas) tariff.

The best way to save in this situation is to use MoneySuperMarket to find the cheapest single fuel plan and opt for direct debit payments and paperless billing (both of which should get you further discounts).


*51% consumers, MoneySuperMarket data, December 2014