Hurry! Exclusive British Gas deal – ends 2 December

We’ve used our buying power to negotiate an exclusive low-cost British Gas energy tariff.

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This offer is no longer available

Priced at £804.88 for someone on typical usage (as calculated using average consumption figures from Ofgem, the energy regulator), our Energy Bill Buster is streets ahead of the standard energy tariffs that most people are on. These are priced at around £1,100 a year for average energy users.

The average price of the standard tariffs from the six biggest energy firms is £1,094 a year for someone paying by monthly direct debit - so switching to the Energy Bill Buster would save a typical user almost £290 over the course of 12 months.

The average big energy firm standard tariff price for someone paying quarterly by cheque or cash is £1,173, so the savings here are even more substantial, at almost £370 for the year.

But you'll need to act quickly. This exclusive deal is only available until Wednesday 2 December.

The great news for millions of British Gas customers is that they can switch to this new tariff – and potentially chop hundreds off their annual costs – without paying any exit penalties on their current deal.

The same applies to customers of Sainsbury's Energy, which is powered by British Gas.

Cheapest since 2011

The MoneySuperMarket Energy Bill Buster is British Gas’ cheapest tariff since its Web Saver 11 deal, which was available until May 2011 (again calculated using data from Ofgem).

Our new exclusive offer is a 12-month fixed-rate dual fuel tariff, which means it includes both gas and electricity supply. And because it’s fixed, you know the rate you pay for each unit of energy you use won’t increase for the duration of the contract.

Exclusive offer

This exclusive deal is only available to switch to until December 2, 2015. The 12-month tariff then expires on December 2, 2016, so you’d need to start shopping around for another deal around a month before that date.

If you didn’t switch again at that point, you’d slip onto a British Gas standard tariff, which would be relatively expensive. We always recommend plumping for a competitive fixed-rate tariff.

If you decided to move to another tariff during the term of the Energy Bill Buster, you’d pay £60 in exit fees. But note that exit fees won’t be levied within six weeks or so of the tariff end-date 0f December 2, 2016, so you could arrange your next deal in plenty of time without paying anything.

If you opt for this tariff, you’ll have to pay by monthly direct debit.

Switching should take no more than 17 days, and you can apply any time up to December 2, 2015. The sooner you apply, the sooner you start saving.

Already with British Gas?

Great news if you’re already a British Gas or Sainsbury's Energy customer.

If you’re currently on a tariff which has exit fees, these won’t be charged if you switch to the MoneySuperMarket Energy Bill Buster.

Penalty-free switching to a cheaper deal – that has to make sense.

Grab our £805 tariff

You can find out more and switch to our Energy Bill Buster here.

We’ve managed to secure such an attractive deal because of the strength of customers’ purchasing muscle.

And because it’s an exclusive deal, it’s only available to customers who register their interest in seeing it.

When you click through to our energy shop, you’ll be invited to tick a box that registers you to see our Energy Bill Buster deal along with your other results.

Then you can decide whether or not to switch to the Energy Bill Buster. There’s no obligation to switch to this deal, so if you see another tariff you prefer, you can simply switch to that one instead.

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