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Car Insurance Group 11

Car Insurance Group 11

Collette Shackleton
Written by  Collette Shackleton
5 min read
Updated: 07 Feb 2024

In this guide, we discuss everything you need to know about car insurance group 11 category and help you understand how your car insurance group affects the cost of your premiums.

Car insurance group 11 – everything you need to know

Understanding which insurance group your car belongs to can help you save money on your car insurance. Keep reading to find out more about these groups, and how category group 11 can affect your quote.

car insurance group 11 category

What are car insurance groups?

Every car belongs to a group category between 1 to 50, which are used by car insurers providers to determine how to calculate your premiums.

The system is run by the motor insurers’ automotive research centre – Thatcham Research. It sets the requirements for the groups, tests vehicles, and collects all the data to see which group each car fits into.

Factors that are used to help calculate a car’s insurance group include:

  • The car’s value when it’s new

  • Cost of parts

  • The vehicle’s safety features, and the extent of any damage caused if involved in an accident

  • The car’s acceleration and speed

  • Any security features to help prevent theft

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Is group 11 car insurance high or low?

Group category 1 is the cheapest to insure, and 50 is the most expensive, so a car that belongs in group 11 is on the lower end of the scale and relatively cheap to insure.

Which cars are in car insurance group 11?

While group 11 is towards the cheaper end of the scale, there are still some much-loved makes in this category from BMW, Volkswagen, and Ford. This category also features a range of models and body types, not just smaller hatchbacks or superminis.

Here are some popular cars in group 11:




A2 1.4 Sport 5d (2000-2005)


2 Series Gran Tourer 216d Luxury 5d (2018-2022)


C3 1.2 Puretech 68 Feel 5d (2017 onwards)


Duster SUV 1.0 TCe 90 Access 5d (2018 onwards)


Fiesta ST-Line Edition EcoBoost 100 1.0 5d (2021-2022)


500 Hatchback 0.9 TwinAir Dualogic 3d (2008 onwards)


Renegade Limited 1.0 120hp 4x2 5d (2008-2018)


One D 5dr (2015-2018)


Qashqai 1.3 DiG-T MHEV Visia 5dr (2021-2022)


208 1.4 e-HDi Active EGC 5d (2009-2018)


Captur Play Blue dCi 95 5d (2019-2022)


Ibiza Hatchback SC E 1.0 5d (2017 onwards)


Fabia SE L TSi 95 5d (2021-2022)


Yaris Cross Icon 1.5 5d (2021-2022)


Corsa Hatchback ecoFLEX Sting R 1.0T 3d (2014-2019)


Golf 1.2 TSI Bluemotion Tech S 3d (2013 - 2020)

How much is group 11 insurance?

The cost of your insurance will vary depending on your individual circumstances and which car you own. Vehicles in group 11 widely vary in terms of age, power, and value, and your own personal details such as age and driving experience can impact the price.

If you would like to find out, you can get a quote on our website in minutes to find out how much your car insurance will cost.

Who are cars in this category suitable for?

Group 11 cars feature good, all-rounder cars for people who want decent fuel economy and aren't going to setting any new high speed records any time soon.

From university students who have just passed their test, to working parents dropping their kids off at school before a morning commute, cars in this insurance category are good, practical options suitable for most households.

Vehicles in this category also have benefits such as cheap parts and a good safety rating, making them less expensive to fix and helpful in terms of lowering the cost of your premiums.

Is insurance group 11 expensive for a new driver?

Quite the contrary, cars in group 11 are relatively cheap to insure compared with other groups.

While choosing a car in this category can help lower your premium, the overall cost of your premium will also depend on about the driver including, your age, profession.

Where you live and park your car, what you use the car for, and your driving history will also affect the cost.

What is insurance group 11e?

The suffix of 'e' in terms of a group rating lets the driver know that this model exceeds the security requirement for the type of car, and that the rating has been reduced down to the next category.

For example, there may be two identical cars that has been graded in group 12. However, one has autonomous emergency braking fitted, which surpasses Thatcham's minimum-security standard for that rating, and will be listed as an 11e instead.

How do I know what group my car is?

If you would like to quickly find out what group your car belongs to, check out our useful group checker below.

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This car is towards the higher end of the scale which means it could be relatively expensive to insure.

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