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How to Cancel TalkTalk Broadband

Cancel TalkTalk broadband if you're out of contract

The process of cancelling your TalkTalk broadband when your contract runs out is easy. Thanks to new Ofcom rules, you can choose a new deal, sign up, and get your new provider to contact TalkTalk to handle the switch.

If you’re moving to a full fibre (FTTP) package or Virgin’s network, you’ll still need to let TalkTalk know. But the good news is that things are much less onerous than they used to be.

Read our comprehensive guide to switching broadband and we’ll give you the full lowdown on how to switch providers.

By cancelling TalkTalk broadband at the end of your contract, you won’t be subject to any exit fees and will most likely be able to find a better, more affordable deal from a rival provider.

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Cancel TalkTalk broadband if you're under contract

While you’re still under contract, cancelling TalkTalk broadband is a bit more tricky.

Under Ofcom rules, there are ways you can change providers while still in your contract period. If your contract price rises above inflation during your term, then you can make the switch without penalty. The same is also true if you have slower speeds than the advertised minimum or if TalkTalk fails to handle an issue, such as repeated outages, in a timely manner.

While speaking with TalkTalk about any issues should be your first port of call, you can raise any further complaints with the Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS) or the Communications Ombudsman.

While a new provider may sometimes pay the remainder of your bill, if you want to leave TalkTalk early, you will most likely need to pay an early exit fee.

TalkTalk’s early exit fees vary depending on the speed of your broadband. At the time of writing they are:

  • Fast Broadband - £10.80 per month remaining
  • Fibre 35 - £10.20
  • Fibre 65 - £10.20
  • Fibre 150 - £10.20
  • Ultra Fibre - £19.20

Our guide to cancelling your broadband early has more details.

Can I avoid TalkTalk's cancellation fee?

To avoid an early exit fee from TalkTalk, you’ll need to prove that your broadband is slower than the advertised minimum speed, has gone up in price by more than inflation or has suffered a series of outages.

You can also avoid TalkTalk’s early cancellation fee if you decide to leave during the initial 14-day cooling off period.

Can I cancel TalkTalk if my broadband is too slow?

Yes. You will have to provide evidence that your TalkTalk broadband does not offer the minimum speeds that are advertised. Ofcom says that this is grounds for termination, with TalkTalk being part of the regulator’s broadband speed code of practice.

Bear in mind that in practice, it can be a little difficult to prove.

How do I contact TalkTalk to cancel my subscription?

You can call TalkTalk on 0345 172 0088 and start the cancellation process. You can also contact them in writing, although they will likely call to confirm cancellation.

Can I cancel without contacting TalkTalk?

Yes – there’s a good chance you can.

If you are switching to a rival provider that uses the Openreach network (including BT, Sky, EE, Plusnet, Vodafone, and more), the good news is that it will handle the switching process for you, contacting TalkTalk to arrange for the switchover to take place.

If you are moving to a full fibre plan or changing to Virgin Media, which has its own cable network, you will need to call TalkTalk to let them know your plans.

Do I have to return my TalkTalk router?

Yes, most likely. TalkTalk asks that you return all routers and equipment at the end of your deal so that they can be safely recycled.

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