What is personal accident cover on car insurance?

What does personal accident cover on car insurance provide?

Personal accident cover pays out if you or your partner are injured or killed in an accident involving your car. In some cases, you’re also covered while you’re in any car, not just your own.

This cover is automatically included in some car insurance policies.

In others, you may be able to choose it as an optional extra that you pay more for.

Personal accident cover only pays out for serious injuries, such as losing a limb or permanently losing sight in an eye. And the insurance won’t pay out if alcohol is involved in an accident, or if the injured person wasn’t wearing a seat-belt at the time.

If you buy car insurance that automatically includes personal accident cover, you’ll typically get a pay-out of five to ten thousand pounds for a successful claim.

You’ll usually be given the option to increase the payout to, say, fifty thousand or a hundred thousand pounds. This is likely to cost between £15 and £25 for the year.

With any kind of insurance, it’s always worth checking the details so you can see exactly what you’re buying and how much it costs.

You can easily compare prices and features on MoneySuperMarket – and see what kind of personal accident cover different policies include and find the right one for you.

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