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LV= life insurance

Find out about the life insurance cover offer offered by LV=

published: 27 September 2022
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Who is LV= Insurance?

Liverpool Victoria, more widely known as LV=, was founded back in 1843 – they have over 1.3 million members and sell a variety of life insurance and pension products. They aim to improve access to insurance for individuals with pre-existing mental health conditions at an affordable price. 

98% of all claims through LV= life insurance were paid in 2021. This figure includes claims paid for life insurance, terminal illness and whole of life products. LV= is a mutual company, which means it isn’t owned by private shareholders. LV= Profits are reinvested to generate future growth for their members. 

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Get in touch with LV=

0800 197 2266

What types of cover does LV= provide?

LV= offers a variety of different covers for your life insurance policy, including the following: 

  • Level-term life insurance

    • Level-term cover pays out a lump sum should you pass away during the term of the policy. Your cover amount and your premiums are fixed for the entire term

  • Decreasing-term insurance

    • The amount of money you’re covered for, during your decreasing term insurance, reduces over time making this a good option to cover the amount you may owe on a mortgage repayment or other loans 

  • Critical illness cover 

    • This includes children’s critical illness cover. This is an optional add on to your policy that means you will get a pay out if you are diagnosed with one of the listed conditions 

  • Joint life cover 

    • Joint life insurance covers you and your partner together however, the plan only pays out for the first claim only. After which, the plan stops and the surviving person is no longer covered 

What you’ll need to get a quote

It is easy to get a quote for life insurance with LV= - here is the information you will need to provide to get your quote:

  • Information about yourhealth LV= will need to know some basic details about your medical history, including any pre-existing conditions (including mental health conditions)  

  • Information about your lifestyle   You will need to provide details of any lifestyle habits that can impact your insurance including disclosing whether you are a smoker  

  • Your age and occupation   Your age and occupation will impact the price of your policy. How dangerous your occupation is to your health and your age will be factored into your quote

  • Your partner’s details   If you are looking into a joint life insurance policy, you’ll also need to provide most of the same details about the health, lifestyle and occupation of your partner

How to make a claim with LV=

08000 756 5869

Before making a claim, try to gather the information below if it is available to you:  

  • The policy number (usually found on the policy documents)

  • Medical report from your doctor if you are claiming for a terminal illness 

  • An original death certificate of the policyholder (which will be sent back to you immediately)

You will be kept informed throughout the claim process and claims will be paid as quickly as possible. Once LV= has made their final decision about your claim, they aim to pay the claim within 3 days.  

Why take out life in insurance with LV=

  • LV= Doctor Services

    • Free access to LV= doctor services providing fast and convenient access to six expert medical services including a remote GP, support with mental health concerns and a 24-hour access to in-the-support from qualified nurses and counsellors

  • Flexibility options 

    • Flexibility to choose the amount of cover you need, from the different types of life insurance LV= offer and how long you may want it for, including an optional add-on of children’s critical illness cover

  • Member benefits

    • LV= insurance members can save money on a range of products and services including car, home and pet insurance

  • Increase your cover  

    • You can make changes to your policy if your circumstances change. This means you may able to increase your cover after specific life events occur without medical evidence

  • Legal advice line

    • You will never need to feel unsure about what your next steps are with 24-hour access to free legal advice with your policy 

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