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What is a health care cash plan?

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Healthcare cash plans are not full-blown private medical insurance policies – they meet all or some of the cost of treatments not usually covered by the NHS. These include dental and optical treatment and treatments such as physiotherapy and chiropody.


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A health care cash plan is a kind of insurance policy designed to help you meet the cost of routine medical treatment such as dental appointments and trips to the chiropodist. 

You’ll pay in a fixed sum to your plan each month and will then be able to claim back specific amounts for different categories of treatment each year. It will be up to you to decide what you want to claim for and when.

How is a health care cash plan different to private medical insurance (PMI)?

Health care cash plans are intended to help with every day, non-urgent medical expenses, whereas PMI is designed to provide help with conditions that require hospital treatment either on a ward or through the out-patients department. 

What is usually covered under a health care cash plan?

Health care cash plans often include cover for an array of treatments, ranging from dental and optical cover to cover for physiotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture and podiatry.

The amount you can claim annually for each ‘category’ of treatment is likely to be capped by your insurer - so at the same time as checking what is included under the health care cash plan you choose, make sure you know how much you’ll be able to spend on specific types of treatment each year. 

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