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Money Expert

Ella Jukwey

Ella Jukwey is a content professional specialising in personal finance. She simplifies complex financial concepts into easily digestible articles that help empower our audience to make informed decisions about their finances. Outside of finance, Ella's interest in music and culture has led her to write articles for esteemed publications like The Independent and Metro.

Not only does Ella have BA Journalism degree from the University of Arts London, but also a master’s in creative writing from Brunel University. Aside from writing about finance, Ella writes fiction and an avid reader.


Ella Jukwey

Ella's Experience

Ella has been our Money Expert at MoneySuperMarket since March 2022, bringing her expertise and passion for personal finance to the forefront of our content production.

In her role as a content producer for our money channels, Ella has produced a wide range of expert guidance on budgeting, loans, mortgages, borrowing with bad credit, and navigating the ever-changing financial landscape. Ella is also responsible for regular reviews of our money content ensuring that our information remains relevant and valuable to our audience.

Ella's recent coverage


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