Cosmetic car insurance

Cover for those little bumps and scrapes

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Cosmetic car insurance will cover you for minor damage to your car, such as dents and scratches. Find out if it's right for you…

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Cosmetic Car Insurance

While car insurance is compulsory for drivers on UK roads, there are extra forms of cover for your vehicle that offer additional peace of mind and flexibility – especially useful if you’ve got a hefty excess on your main policy or if you don’t want to jeopardise your no claims discount with a claim for a relatively small amount. One of these additional forms of cover is cosmetic car insurance.

At MoneySuperMarket, we focus on standard car insurance policies. If you want cosmetic car insurance, you can find out more about how the policy works by reading on. To find this sort of cover, you would need to contact a broker or search on the internet.

What is cosmetic car insurance?

Have you ever cursed on finding you’ve scratched your car, or returned to your vehicle to find a dent in its side and no apology note? The bills for even a minor scratch can amount to hundreds of pounds, and rocket to a quite staggering sum depending on the car and its finish. 

If you drive a top-of-the-range sports car, for example, you’ll know that even a small scratch can come with a sky-high price tag from the repair shop.

The bills for even a minor scratch can amount to hundreds of pounds

Thankfully, there are cosmetic car insurance policies designed to cover this cost so that you don’t have to claim on your standard car insurance policy. Indeed, cosmetic car insurance can plug the gap that exists because the voluntary and mandatory excesses on your main policy, when combined, add up to more than the cost of the repair.

What is the advantage of cosmetic car insurance?

Additionally, if you have a cosmetic car insurance policy, you can also make claims for minor bodywork damage without losing the no-claims discount on your traditional policy. Building up a no-claims history is a valuable asset for drivers wanting to keep motor insurance premium costs down, so you don’t want to throw this away to sort out a minor cosmetic fault.

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