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How to Cancel EE Broadband

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Thinking about cancelling your EE broadband package and switching providers? Here's everything you need to know about how to cancel EE broadband.

Cancel EE broadband if you're out of contract

Cancelling EE broadband once your contract has expired is straightforward. As you are no longer under any contractual obligation to EE, you can approach a different broadband provider and sign up for a new plan.

In almost all cases, your new provider will handle the entire switch for you, contacting EE to let it know that you are making the move. You can read more in our comprehensive guide to switching broadband.

Cancelling EE broadband at the end of your contract means you will not be subject to any exit fees and can switch before your current plan goes up in price.

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Cancel EE broadband if you're under contract

Cancelling EE broadband while you’re under contract is more complicated than if you’re changing deals after your contract has expired.

Under Ofcom rules, there are certain circumstances under which you can change providers while still in your contract period. This includes prices rising mid-contract above the rate of inflation, your provider providing slower than advertised minimum speeds, or your provider has not done enough to resolve an issue.

The latter can be difficult to prove, so it is vital you keep a record of any outages and times you need to contact your provider about the issue. You can contact the Internet Services Adjudication Scheme (CISAS) or the Communications Ombudsman to help with your case.

Sometimes, your new provider will offer to pay the remainder of your EE contract, although this is not that common.

If none of the above apply to you, then you will need to pay an early exit fee.

EE uses a special early exit fee calculation, working out all existing monthly fees you have outstanding and taking off any VAT. It then calculates a discount based on how much it will save based on not having to supply broadband to your property, and then takes off another 4% for early repayment. This figure is then multiplied by the number of months you have left on your deal, with VAT then added back on.

Our guide to cancelling your broadband early has more details.

Can I avoid EE's cancellation fee?

You can avoid EE’s cancellation fee if your broadband does not match up to advertised minimum speed levels, your monthly fee goes up mid-contract by more than inflation or you encounter issues which EE is unable to fix.

It’s vital to speak with EE first to see if any issues can be fixed before you look to terminate your contract.

You can also avoid EE’s early cancellation fee if you quit your deal during the initial 14-day cooling off period.

Can I cancel for free if my broadband is too slow?

Theoretically, yes. You’ll need to provide evidence that your EE broadband does not offer the minimum speeds that were advertised. Ofcom says that this is grounds for termination, with EE being part of the regulator’s broadband speed code of practice.

How do I contact EE to cancel my subscription?

You can call EE on 0800 079 0544 to cancel your broadband subscription. It will then take you through the process of cancellation and give you an address to return any equipment to, including your router.

Your account will be closed on the day you request, or 14 days after you leave if you are out of contract.

Can I cancel without contacting EE?

As long as you are switching to another provider that use the Openreach network, then you do not need to contact EE about cancelling, unless you want to leave before the end of your term.

However, if you are changing to a full fibre, also known as fibre to the premises, plan, or going to a cable-based network, then you will need to speak with EE and your new provider to ensure that the switch works properly.

Do I have to return my EE router?

EE does not require you to return your router at the end of your contract, but may ask for its EE set top box back if you have a TV plan.

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