The Most Expensive UK Firework Displays

Remember, remember the 5th November... How could you forget? With annual UK fireworks sales of around £70 million per year, it's hard not to notice the colourful displays illuminating our skies every November. The origins of Bonfire, or Guy Fawkes Night date back to 1605 when Guy Fawkes himself was arrested on November 5th. Part of a gang of conspirators, Fawkes was watching over barrels of gun-powder hidden beneath the House of Lords in a failed plot to assassinate King James of England, by blowing up the famous parliament building. To celebrate the King's survival the people of London lit bonfires around the city, and months later the Observance of 5th November Act declared it an officially recognised annual commemoration.


Fireworks originated in 7th Century China where they were used to celebrate various festivals. With developments in travel and export, the first fireworks arrived on European shores in the 16th Century, and they were soon incorporated in to Bonfire night as we now know it.

Over the years the use of fireworks in the UK has increased from being limited to Guy Fawkes Night, to their use in celebrations of all kinds from weddings, to Halloween, to New Year's Eve to sporting events. Money Supermarket has calculated just how much Britons are spending annually on fireworks, and looked at the most expensive and extravagant firework displays in the UK.

However, the question is: with spending on fireworks increasing year on year, which ones are the most "epic crowd pleasers", and which ones will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

The Most Expensive UK Firework Displays

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