The Cost of Being the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan

Movie franchises are big business - and they don't come any bigger than Harry Potter. This epic series has grossed almost £5 billion from its eight cinematic releases alone, then there are the plentiful takings from video and DVD sales, merchandising, licensing and the small matter of some 450 million books sold worldwide.

For devotees of any popular movie franchise, proving your dedication and delight doesn't come cheap - particularly if you want to claim the title of the Ultimate Fan.

Even being an average Harry Potter fan can be a costly business. To demonstrate your love for all things Hogwarts, you'll need the bare minimum of eight movie tickets, seven DVDs, a mini library of hefty books and maybe a broom and a plastic wand.

But to claim the title of the Ultimate Harry Potter Fan (or "Number 1 Potter-Head"), you'll need a staggering £54,000. Before you reach for the credit card, take a look at our list of everything that you'll need from a life-sized Dobby statue to a personalised Hogwarts acceptance letter.

Harry Potter

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