Money Smart Nail Art

Overall the judges had a really difficult time judging this contest, there were fabulous contributions and everyone made a great effort to really take the concept of using household items and creating nail art on a budget.

Listed below are our overall winner and then four special mentions from the judges for their excellent entries.


We were very impressed with the creativity of this entry. She came up with so many unique, on-trend ideas using household items, many of which would have never crossed my mind. That originality and out-of-the-box thinking is what made us choose this as the winner. Her finished looks were so beautiful, too!


I loved that this entry used the same polishes to create every look; it really demonstrated how you can get a ton of nail art mileage out of a small number of colors. I also thought the tips were useful and the finished looks had a high standard of execution!


I was also impressed with the originality of this entry. It was economical and the finished effect was lovely and unique! Just goes to show you can use almost anything to create nail art.