Freshers Week Number Crunch

For most students Freshers' Week is one of the most hectic, enjoyable and intense weeks of their lives. For those who are too old to remember their student days - and the associated antics - MoneySupermarket has lifted the lid on today's Freshers' habits and crunched the numbers to see how much they spend.

From nights out and drinks downed to washing clothes and watching budgets, we've got the figures that truly spill the beans on our latest bunch of academic hopefuls.

89% of Freshers' have never paid a bill in their lives and 22% have no experience of food shopping, university ought to be a steep learning curve for most students - and that's before they've even had their first lecture!

It's also estimated that students are consume over 10 million alcoholic drinks and almost 1 million kebabs - which can't be too healthy for their stomachs or student bank accounts!

So whether your attending Freshers' week yourself, have teens who have left for uni or simply fancy reminiscing, take a look at the full set of numbers for an idea of what this year's Freshers' will be getting up to...

Freshers Week Number Crunch

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