Financial First Steps

Raising a child through from being a baby to adulthood can not only be emotionally challenging but financially challenging also.

We've all heard of the 'terrible twos' and the 'tough teenager' years but are we really ready for the financial hurdles that our bundles of joy 'lay on us'?

The country is expecting a baby boom in 2013 thanks to a number of significant events over the past year, the number of estimated births is the highest we have seen since the 1970's.
With around a quarter of first time parents admitting financial difficulties after the birth of their child and around two thirds of parents to be turning to loans and credit cards to prepare for their newborn, planning early and saving for your baby could make these wonderful years a lot easier to manage.

So we take a look at the financial first steps a new parent needs to take to help them through the biggest financial commitment.

Financial First Steps

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