The cost of adding value to your home

With the housing market stagnant in many areas and buyers hard to come by, it's becoming more important to 'improve' your home to make it more sellable. This could mean little projects such as laying new carpets and redecorating or undertaking bigger improvements such as kitchen extensions and adding a conservatory.

Such improvements can increase the value of a property and make for a quicker sale should you decide to sell or re-mortgage.

However, whatever home improvements cost money. So is it best to use your savings, tap into the equity you have by re-mortgaging, take out a home improvement loan or use a 0% credit card?

For instance, a big improvement such as a conservatory can be quite expensive, so it might be best to save up for it or get a low-cost loan.

A smaller improvement such as re-carpeting could be done using a 0% credit card, but make sure you pay it off during the interest-free period if you can.

Here are some home improvement suggestions with guide prices...

The cost of adding value to your home

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