Recycle your old Mobile Phone

Mobile phones typically last less than two years in today’s market, with the latest iPhones, Samsungs and HTCs forcing older devices into cupboards or drawers. However, did you know that if you can sell your phone quickly and easily for a set price?

Mobile recycling provides a great way for you to rid yourselves of those antiquated handsets, as well as making some money in the process. You needn’t worry about dealing with undecided shoppers or that person you know from school who backs out of a deal at the last minute – you can sell old phones to us.

How it works

Whilst phone recycling may sound stressful, it’s actually a very quick and simple process, which involves you sending your phone through the post and money being sent your way in return.

Your recycled smartphone is judged and then its value is determined, before you confirm the sale and get your money. Who said recycling a mobile phone was so hard?

Many different phones are eligible for the service, so whether you need to recycle an iPhone 6s or recycle one of yesteryear’s Nokia handsets, you’ll be given a good price for your device.

Recycling diagram

Recycle Broken Mobile Phones for Cash

Funnily enough, you can even sell a broken smartphone via mobile recycling services, although you will be getting a lower cash value for your phone. It doesn’t matter if you’ve broken your phone screen, or if it’s just seen years of bumps and scrapes, you can recycle any phone (given that it’s not completely destroyed).

Whilst your grade of damage is decided when you send the phone in, you could find that your busted up Samsung Galaxy S3 from all those years ago still fetches a pretty penny. Much better selling your broken mobile phone than leaving it to rot in your bedside table, right?

Not Just Phone Recycling...

Of course, many mobile phone recycling companies also work with some of your other devices too. So, whilst you may have planned on smartphone recycling, you could end up getting cash for your old tablet as well.

You could recycle an iPad, Google Nexus or even older devices right beside your phone, giving you even more cash to play with should you need it.

Like when you recycle a smartphone, you simply send your tablet through the post for the company to review, and then they’ll offer you a price for your tablet. You can then either accept the deal or decide to take it back, the choice is yours.

So, instead of letting your old electronics gather dust or meet their grizzly ends at the bottom of your bin, why not give them a new lease of life by recycling it with our mobile phone recycling comparison tool?