You can use MoneySuperMarket to sell your Google Pixel 7 and ensure that it’s either recycled, refurbished or sold on safely. Our partners are all hand picked, meaning you can be sure that whichever recycler you choose will be trustworthy.

How do I sell my Google Pixel 7?

  1. Compare offers. Take a look at the offers above on your Google Pixel 7 from mobile recyclers. Just give us a few more details, including its storage capacity, whether it’s locked or unlocked, and if it’s broken. Once you find a deal you like, tap it and enter your details
  2. Send in your device. Your chosen recycler will send you a postage pack or mail instructions which you can then use to send in your old device
  3. Get paid. Once your recycler receives your Google Pixel 7, they’ll give it a once over. It may change its initial quote if it is damaged and doesn’t appear in the condition they were expecting. If everything looks alright, they will pay you via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque

How much can I sell my Google Pixel 7 for?

How much you can sell your Pixel 7 for depends on numerous key factors.

Condition is perhaps the most important. If it’s working ok and has no major scratches or cracks, then you should be able to attract a top price. If your Pixel 7 has a cracked screen or lots of scratches, you’ll need to tell your recycler and they’ll offer a lower price.

Devices with more capacity should attract slightly more money, as will those that are not locked to a specific network.

When is the best time to sell my Google Pixel 7?

Google tends to update its Pixel range towards the end of the year, usually in October or November. As such, you should sell your Pixel 7 before this time, as you’ll get a better price.

Google Pixel 7 price history

The Google Pixel 7 launched in the UK in October 2022. The 128GB model sold for £599 SIM free, rising to £699 for a larger 256GB edition.

Prices have come down since then, with SIM free models available from £549.

Google also released the pricier Pixel 7 Pro at the same time.

Will my Google Pixel 7 be recycled?

If your Pixel 7 is broken, it may be taken apart and its components used to recycle other Pixel phones. Anything that cannot be recycled will be disposed of safely.

If your Pixel 7 is in good working order, it will likely be reconditioned and then sold on, ensuring it has a long life as a pre-loved handset.

Can I get paid for a broken Google Pixel 7?

Yes, you can get paid for a broken Pixel 7. Cracked screens, faulty batteries and large scratches are acceptable, although the price you get will be less than if it was in good condition.

If your phone has sustained water damage or is bent out of shape, some recyclers may not accept it. Check with them directly to find out their individual policy.

Read more in our guide to selling broken phones.

Can I trade my old Google Pixel 7 for a new phone?

Yes. Selling your old Pixel 7 and using the funds to put towards a new phone is a great way to cut the cost of getting the latest handset.

What other Google Pixel phones can I sell?

You can sell all kinds of Google phones through MoneySuperMarket. That includes the top end Pixel 7 Pro, as well as older phones such as the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6a.