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Canada Life life insurance

Find out more about the life insurance offered by Canada Life

published: 27 September 2022
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Who are Canada Life insurance?

Canada Life is the oldest life insurance company in Canada, originally founded in 1847, and it’s been operating in the UK since 1903. Some of Canada Life’s first international payouts were to the families of people who’d been on board the Titanic. In 2020 its parent company, Great-West Lifeco, amalgamated some of its other insurance providers – such as London Life and the Great West Assurance Company – into Canada Life. This means that anyone who had a policy with one of these other firms was automatically transferred to Canada Life.  

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Get in touch with Canada Life

Canada Life Limited Canada Life Place Potters Bar Hertfordshire EN6 5BA 

0345 606 0708 

What type of cover do Canada Life provide?

With Canada Life, you can choose from a range of different types of life insurance – so there’s sure to be something that will suit your needs: 

  • Canada Life critical illness life insurance

    • Canada Life’s critical illness cover can help with extra medical expenses if you’re diagnosed with a critical illness 

  • Canada Life joint life insurance 

    • Couples can take out joint life insurance with Canada Life – whichever one survives the other will get a payout 

  • Canada Life group life insurance 

    • Canada Life’s group life insurance is a workplace perk that pays out the families of anyone who dies while an employee 

  • Canada Life term life insurance

    • Canada Life’s term life insurance lasts for a set number of years, and pays out to your loved ones if you pass away during that term 

  • Canada Life guaranteed life insurance 

  • Canada Life over 50s life insurance

  • Canada Life whole life insurance 

What you’ll need to get a quote

Canada Life don’t sell insurance directly – so if you’re interested in taking out a policy you’ll need to do so through a financial advisor. However, here’s the information you’ll need when they apply on your behalf: 

  • Information about your health 

    • Canada Life will need to know some basic details about your medical history, including any pre-existing conditions 

  • Information about your lifestyle 

  • Your age and your job 

    • People who are older or who work dangerous jobs pose more of a risk for insurers, so these details will be factored into your quote 

  • Your partner’s details 

    • For a joint life insurance policy, you’ll also need to provide some basic details about the health, lifestyle and work of the other person 

How to make a claim with Canada Life

Nobody looks forward to having to claim on a life insurance policy, but Canada Life have done everything to make the process as stress-free as possible. Here’s what you’ll need to do: 

  • Call Canada Life on 0345 606 0708 

They’ll take it from there. It’s useful to have the following information to hand when you get in contact: 

  • The name of the policy holder, and your relationship to them 

  • The cause of death 

  • Their policy number, if you know it 

Why take out life insurance with Canada Life?

Canada Life have been helping families for over 170 years – but are they right for your needs? Here are some further details about what’s included, to help you make the right decision: 

  • Help and support 

    • With Canada Life, you’ll get access to a suite of extra features, including free counselling, second medical opinions, and a personal nurse service 

  • Advance payments 

    • If there’s a delay in your lump sum payout, Canada Life will advance you £10,000 to help cover funeral costs 

  • Fully regulated 

    • Canada Life is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which means you can be assured you’re in safe hands 

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