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Beagle Street life insurance

Find out more about the life insurance offered by Beagle Street

published: 27 September 2022
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Who are Beagle Street?

Beagle street is a provider of life insurance and critical illness cover who aim to make life insurance simple for everyone. This means providing you with clear information about life insurance policies taking away any complexities and allowing you to make informed decisions about your life insurance policy. In 2020 they paid out on 99.8% of all claims and currently insures over 200,000 lives in the UK. 

Beagle street is part of the BGL Group – one of the UK’s largest consumer insurance conglomerates – and is backed by the Scottish Friendly Assurance Society. 

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Get in touch with Beagle Street


0800 0480 480 


What type of cover do Beagle Street provide?

Beagle Street offers a variety of life insurance policies ensuring that you are able to find the right type of insurance to suit your needs. 

The different types of policies include: 

  • Level-term life insurance 

    • Beagle Street’s level-term life insurance could be right for you if you would like a policy what pays out upon your death. The initial agreed premiums and pay out of your policy that you set up do not change 

  • Decreasing term

    • Decreasing term insurance is a generally a cheaper form of life insurance where the pay out reduces as the end of the term approaches. It is usually taken out for a fixed period often to cover a specific debt like your mortgage 

  • Critical illness insurance

    • Critical illness cover is a form of insurance that offers protection should you be diagnosed with critical illness during the term of your policy   

What you’ll need to get a quote

It’s easy to get a quote for life insurance with Beagle Street – Here is the information you will need to provide:    

  • Information about your health

    • Beagle Street will need to know some basic details about your medical history, including any pre-existing conditions 

  • Information about your lifestyle  

    • You’ll also need to supply details of any lifestyle habits that can impact your insurance, such as drinking and smoking 

  • Your age and your job

    • People who are older or who work dangerous jobs pose more of a risk for insurers, so these details will be factored into your quote 

  • Your partner’s details 

    • For a joint life insurance policy, you’ll also need to provide some basic details about the health, lifestyle and work of the other person  

How to make a claim with Beagle Street

Nobody looks forward to making a claim on a life insurance policy, but Beagle Street have done everything to make the process as stress-free as possible. Here’s what you’ll need to do: 

  • Call Beagle Street on 0800 072 9831

They’ll send you a claim form to complete. One you send the form back to them they will then take it from there and review your claim.

Once your claim has been validated, it will be paid out in 2-3 working days of approval after all checks have been completed. 

Why take out life insurance with Beagle Street?

Life insurance from Beagle Street offers you a lot more than just an insurance policy. Here are some further details about what’s included, to help you make the right decision: 

  • Legal advice 

    • You can take advantage of free legal advice for any legal matters you may have 

  • Free will writing service

    • All policy holders get free access to a will writing service covering up to 6 beneficiaries, making the next steps as simple as possible once you pass  

  • Funeral expenses

    • If your family makes a valid life insurance claim, Beagle Street will pay up to £5,000 in advance of a full claim to help with funeral costs  

Compare life insurance deals with MoneySuperMarket

At MoneySuperMarket, we’re here to make finding the right life insurance as simple as possible. All you need to do is give us a few simple details about yourself and the cover you want, and we’ll show you quotes from some of the UK’s leading providers. You can compare quotes by price and the level of cover you’ll get – and once you’ve chosen, just click through to your provider to get started. 


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