Cost of raising a child

How much does it cost to raise a child?

You might not be able to put a price on family, but you can see how much they’ll cost you. New MoneySuperMarket research reveals the hefty costs of raising a child and how much more parents will pay for their daughter than their son.

The total figures come to £79,176 to raise a boy and £108,884 for a girl, a difference of £29,708. To put that in perspective, a full-price university degree costs £27,750, and a dog costs only £18,700.

Our infographic breaks down the price differences between genders from birth through to the age of 18, highlighting some of the more significant life events and what they cost. To help ease the financial burden, we are also offering a new life insurance incentive, with a £100* gift card for Argos or Marks & Spencer on offer for anyone buying a policy.

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The real cost of raising a child infographic