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Gender information at MoneySuperMarket

Why do we ask about your gender?

published: 04 September 2019
Read time: 3 minutes

We recognise that a person’s gender can be a deeply personal and sensitive subject. So why do we ask about it?

When you use our site to look for insurance or financial products such as credit cards, we ask for your gender (Male or Female) and/or title (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Miss etc). We do this so that we can enter the required details into our quotation system to help find the right deal for you.

The systems we and our partners currently use rely on the binary concept of gender. The same applies across the financial services sector.

We recognise this approach isn’t broad enough in today’s world, as some of our customers do not identify with a binary gender and would prefer to select an alternative title such as Mx.

We are actively working with our partners to update our approach to acknowledge the realities of gender identity in 21st century Britain. However, this will take some time, and we would ask you to bear with us while we make the necessary changes.

At the moment, to give you full access to our products and services, we need to use your gender as it’s given on your birth or gender recognition certificate. We hope you’ll be willing to proceed on this basis.

Rest assured, we do not discriminate according to gender or any other personal circumstance or characteristic.